Monday, February 23, 2009

a shell-y fascination

Coastal Nest, being a beach lover, has been collecting shells since I was ever able to go out to the beach. I remember very clearly being a tiny girl, going out to the beach with my grama and grampa Metke and finding sand dollars all along the shoreline, running from the waves with them and just enjoying the ocean, or going clam diggin with my dear daddy and finding lots of things besides clams..
The seashell is such a great little piece of art.Alone, or together. planned, in a shell wreath, or just thrown in a bowl or basket.
My children, along with my hubby and I love to scour the beach. We have found amazing things on the shoreline.

This oyster candelabra was at the shop, it was incredible and gorgeous, natural, nautical rustic and very pretty.
It went quickly. No duh, I am sure the owner is enjoying it immensely.

I read in one of the retailer magazines that "shell" decorating is
hmmm. If this is true, I will cease to exist..
Not so sure I can agree with that statement, I am still in love with the seashell and all it entails- and think its a great way to decorate.
what say you?
Let me know..
Happy Monday, people..
coastal nest


Miles! :) said...

i love shells! :)

We had a half day today! WOOOT WOOT!


Michelle said...

I love shells, and I think they'll always be "in" for the beach.

Linda Lou said...

I don't care if its out according to "them", I love shells and have tons of them in the tub, in the powder room, in other rooms in the house--they are organic, REAL, and never can go out of style.

An Accomplished Woman said...

Shell decorating is never out. I love all the pictures.

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Oh I am in love. I couled look at that sea picture all day~ Hope your week started out great.

Just a little something from Judy said...

How could shells ever go out of style, especially the way you display them. They are beautiful naturally, but all of the different ways you showcase them, makes them even more unique and fascinating. I really like that wooden shelf with all of the finds from the beach displayed on it.

Cote de Texas said...

I'm so ready for hot weather!!!! and the beach!!!!

thanks for the comment!!

!!! !! ! !!!!!!! - what's with all the !!!???!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

Susan said...

It's IN with me. I love shells and rocks and natural things.

PLO said...

My house is littered with shell collection, it is classic and will NEVER go out of style! I have bowls of it, apocathary jars filled with them...and vase's filled with sandollars. I LONG to take my children to the beach, so they can collect their own shells!

Suzy said...

I'm with you on the sand-dollar collecting. I used to do that as a little girl too, but up here in BC.

I love nature indoors, especially seashells!

Miles! :) said...

I got a new POOOOOOOOOOOST! :)

Millie said...

Bah humbug to the Retailer magazines Lisa! A few years ago, MOTH & I made a very big life-changeing decision while walking on the beach. We also collected shells on that walk & put them in a bowl which has now become the Good Luck Bowl, as that decision has brought us much joy & happiness!

Any time the kids are going through a challenging patch, I give them a shell from the bowl & let it weave its magic for them too.
Millie ^_^

Maya@Completely-Coastal said...

I came across a quote today that goes something like this: If you love something, it never goes out of style..., so shell collecting and decorating will always be fashionable for us beach enthusiasts!