Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Its the most wonderful timmmme....... of the yearrrrrrrrrrr

Are you singing yet?
Are you having a great Christmas time-ish??
are you c-c-c-cold?
~~MArTsTER and SaRaH!!!~~
Michelle, dont feel bad for yourself! Its cold here, this is about as cold as I have ever seen it, I think.
I guess I could warm you all up from the inside. Thats just the kind of friend I am..
Here we go..
Yes, our big hydrangea was wanting me to take a photo of her, she is a little cold, see the pinkish hue? Poor thing.

Gorgeous vintage lightpole decorations in the little downtown..

My beautiful mama gave me this peace on earth piece, I stuck it in this wreath with a few berries..
Adorable, no? Although I hate flash photography..

here is another cutie pie I altered to fit my specs. This came from the shop, although it didnt have a photo of my children in it, soooooo..I just took it apart and added my own, from last year.
Now THATS adorable!

My friend and I Miss Kitchen Aide have been getting along very well the last few days, she was bitchin that she never gets out of the pantry, so I showed her who was boss and really put her to work. She loved every minute of it..She makes the easiest work out of things.

including these.......
Which turned into these! The most delicious little sugar cookies made by the most delicious little
sugar dumplins!!

Made a little Almond roca..my fave.mmmmm
made a little fudge..BobVillas fave, he would eat this whole pan in one sitting. oy.
Guess whose fave these are???

Then it was to outside...berry berry cold....but fun and happy!

Watch out mama! Yes, he got me..guess what, I got him BACK!!!
Never underestimate the power of the mmammmma!!!
Cuteness of siblings.......and just pure cuteness, no?
a friend sent me this that lives out at the beach,
SNOW less than 400 yards from the ocean. you know its cold when the sand has snow on it!

I miss our beach house, it looks lonely for these little chaps and their parents..Couldnt resist the cutest little tonsils around!!!
Hope everyone is staying warm
God bless us, everyone!!!


Susan said...

Wow! That snow must make it really feel like Christmas. I love the picture of the snow on your plant. Great pictures of all the things going on at your house.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Looking like Christmas for sure!
My FAVE is almond roca....oh yum!!!

Suzanne said...

Wow, g/f... you have been busy! Great pics... love the almond roca, it's a fav! Hmmm... maybe I need to make some. :)


Michelle said...

I have to just say that 19 degrees here feels much colder than 19 degrees in MN--and I don't think it's just psychological. Brrr.

Those cookies look gorgeous! I'm having a baking day tomorrow, but I don't have a lovely Kitchen Aid to help out. Maybe next year if I'm a very good girl.

Linda Lou said...

I am so jeal that you have one of those Kitchen Aid babies!!! I am using a hand mixer and my little fingers to stir all my cookie doughs!!! I LOVE ALMOND ROCA...they all look so great.

Timi said...

I feel like I'm so far behind on what you have been doing. I have been so busy I haven't had time to see what you've been up to. I see you have been super busy making pretties and fabulousness. AS USUAL!
We are thinking of coming to the coast after Christmas if the weather shapes up a little. The Hubs has the week off after Christmas so we were going to take our Mobile Estate and head on out.

Penny said...

That hydrangea picture is absolutely stunning!

I completely agree with you on flash photography!

Martha said...

Dammit. Now I need to make that Roca, you horrible, horrible woman :)

It's effing cold here. And snowy. And it took me 1 1/2 hours to get to work yesterday. And I was mad at the world when I got there.

Suzy said...

We're just getting all the snow today...we're all bundled up and going outside right NOW!