Sunday, December 14, 2008

Its Christmastime!! Oh, Boy..Busy Busy Busy!!

Hello there interpeeps..How was your Happy Holiday Weekend? I know allot of you all were busy baking (Fortner, Cutz, and self) and ole Marty girl, found a cute little couple a balls of white fluff. We, here on the upper left hand side of our US state map are experiencing something quite fun and, might I say, a tad bit chilly! Yes, SNOW!! and shivvvvery cold weather. The Evergreen state really doesn't get ALLOT of snow, per Se.. I think most of you who live here would agree with me. BABY,ITS COLD OUTSIDE!!! Mostly, we are lucky to get a few inches of slushy wet snow at about 30 or so degrees, go play, get soaking wet, and come in..and just a quickly as it got here, it vanishes into mud puddle heaven..Not today, brrrrrr.

Anyhoo, we had lots going on, you will definitely have to tune in tomorrow and see what else I am holding back for ya..First, to the Friday night Extravaganza..Music was the theme, Kindergarten Christmas Carols were the call of the evening, hold onto your seats people..

If you have forgotten what my most handsome middle wonder child looks like, that's him, . Goofing off, like his mama..Care to hear a bit of a mothers heaven? Click and listen. But first, you have to take a little look at a future mothers compassion in action. The sing along started off, and being the first year in front of a live audience, well, this little gentlemen couldnt take the pressure. Look at what the little mommy of the class did for him. I tell ya. What a sweet sweet moment.

Thank you Finn, you looked like you were having a terriffic time, my little love! Mommys heart beats just for you :)

So, after we got all the little darlings tucked into their cozy little beds, Mom and Daddy decided to visit with Tom and Jerry, old friends we usually see around this time of year. They were great to see!

Something about a Toddy, eh?

Then we got down to the business of....wrapping presents...OY!!! at least I am efficient and quick at this project. Although, we took our time and enjoyed our houseguests..By the time I was done wrapping, Tom was getting a little mouthy and jerry had to take the keys from him. you know how he gets....
Soon after we kicked out the boozers, we looked down and lo and behold..VOILA!! the presents were wrapped, and tucked ever so neatly under the tree. Fun Fun FUn!!!


PLO said...

I am FREAKING OUT! I go back to work tomorrow. The presents are NOT wrapped, the shopping is NOT done, the cookies are NOT house is NOT cleaned...the laundry is NOT done. I am freaking here. Loved the videos, what a cute little Mommy, poor little guy. Your Finn is a hoot, I guess he has been watching the 3 Stooges. How exactly do you make a hot toddy? I always wanted one. I am sending you pine sol for Christmas. We are sista's beaaaaaaaaaach! LOVE YOU TO BITS!

Linda Lou said...

You have been busy, busy miss Lisa! I baked 10 dozen cookies this past weekend, but the presents are not all purchased and considering the economy we are going budget with gifting this year, its hard to do though!! Your son is adorable, I remember those Kindergarten Christmas performances like they were yesterday

Michelle said...

When I saw that it wasn't going to get above freezing this morning, I started moaning that this is why we left Minnesota. And then my husband pointed out that in St. Paul, it's not going to get above negative 1 today. And suddenly Seattle is feeling very balmy.

Aww, what adorable videos! The little classroom mother was priceless--I hope the stage fright doesn't leave any permanent scars. And Finn hamming it up was hilarious.

Yes, how about your Hot Toddy recipe?

Suzy said...

Holy cow. The toddies, the presents, the kids. I LOVE THIS SEASON!!!

Penny said...

What precious videos!!

Oh, your presents are wrapped! I am so jealous! I don't even have mine all purchased yet. The few I have are due to arrive today! I don't know where the time went, but I would like to get some of it! I am going to be a busy lady the next few days!

Suzanne said...

Wow... looks like you had a busy week and weekend too! Love the videos... your son is adorable! And poor little guy with the stage fright! He was lucky to have someone to help him through it~ so cute!
Stay warm up in that corner of the country! We've got wind... and soon we'll have another 4 days of storms coming thru! Brrrrr!


Sarah said...

Hello from friggin ANTARTICA! Michelle was right, we were not out of the negatives today! I still having baking to do and gifts to get. I am jealous!

I was laughing so hard at your :ok" and "alrighting" of the music teacher! Heh! Those darn long winded teachers! LOL

Finn is adorable, and the stage fright is priceless. Now come wrap my stuff! What is a toddy, not that I can invite him over anyway, that lush.

Kat said...

Brrrrrrrrrr! It is darn cold around here. Looks like you are ready for Christmas. Cute video and a great looking tree.

Martha said...

Send Toddy over this way. I need to get schnockered.

OH my. What a sweet little girl!!! Her momma must be sooo proud.

Your Finn is way too cute!

And, yes. Sarah and I are in the Tundra. It's usually not this cold until Feb. -1 for a high temp = the Fartster in polar fleece.


Miles! :) said...

I GOT A BLOG! everyone go check it out. Im only 13, and as of now there is only one post on it, but check it out!!! :)