Friday, November 7, 2008

Hey! Whats goin on at Grand Heron?...Its Christmas Open House This Weekend!!

Its the 21st Annual
Grand Heron Christmas Open House!
shall we take a peeky peek?
I knew youd like to.
Lets go....Winter wonderland of silvers black and whites as you approach the gorgeous storefront that is
Grand HeronThe beautiful small front window showing off a gorgeous green and black vignette..Then as you are in the building, the girlfriend herself {MOMMY} has outdone herself
AGAIN..take a bow Suzie Q!!
(LOVE YA!!!) Here are more photos of the place, come on down if youd like a fun weekend of girl fun and mimosa..youll even find a great little h'ordeurve tray waiting for a nibble or two.
Most of all, (looking down..making swirlys in the carpet with my toe)
we would really love to see ya!!

(peek a boo!)

Last Christmas ended on a sour note with the building and all.
come on over and see us!
we have a great Christmas tree or two..

interiors to die for....

Plenty of red for the season...

Gorgeous merchandise in a great array of prices

and as always...a great, fun and happy staff to serve your every decorating desire!
Hope to see you!


Grand Heron Christmas Open House
114 East Heron Street
(just east a few steps from our beloved original building)

Downtown Aberdeen



Judy said...

Wow!!! What a gorgeous shop!!! I am so impressed and I do wish that I could visit and spend hours. It just is not possible to make a quick trip to the West Coast, so thank you for the pictures.

PLO said...

I am on my way girlfriend. You know damn well one mimosa won't satisfy this thirst. I guess after I make my purchases we will have to go for crab legs and rum and cokes. xoxo

Timi said...

B E A U T I F U L!
I sooooooooooo need to figure out some time to come see your shop. It's lovely and I want to come touch everything!

Mrs. Jones said...



Melissa said...


I can't make it out, but the pillow you show on your post is gorgeous. It looks like it says Herbs.

What does it say and how much does it sell for? Oh so cute it is.

Thank you.


debra said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Just beautiful. I wish I could have visited in person. Hope you had a great open house. :)