Monday, October 20, 2008

Like a fish to water {or} just like riding a bike....{OR} This is how we rooolll!

The smell hasn't changed a bit, neither has the decor..Here we are!
The Harborena!!!
git yer skates..its time to ROLL!someone.. thinks shes a little hot shot skater girl. I no more fastened those little teeny skates to her little teeny feets and guess what..
bye bye mama!!!
she was off...CRAAzAy..
like a little fish to water.
sorry for the bluuuuur. The adult in the situation also had skates on..yikes.

This cute little peanut in the pink with her hands on her hips doing the Hokey Pokey

"ever so sassily" belongs to her..yes..she would be soooo proud of you, little birthday girl.

Erin is 8 today. Happy Birthday Little Love!

I use to spend just about every SINGLE SOLITARY SATURDAY here.

I bet I tracked quite a few miles down in this place, it hasn't changed one bit. The cinder block walls are still cold and damp, it still smells just exactly the way it did waaaay back then. Kinda stinky, kinda hot doggy. The bathrooms are still the same, the snack bar still has the vintage candy signs and I very well think the same hot dog rotisserie. Added to the necessity of skating, however is the ever present and ever disgusting energy drink vending machine. God, I hate that stuff. Thank goodness my kids aren't into it. Some are, skeeery. I loved that snack bar, almost as much as skating. If you were good, you could time your visit just right and be the cool kid to sit on top of an old radiator with a seat built on top of it, very near the window, so to watch all the cute boys. Lord.

The vintage lit skating board still rings the same..Trio, all skate, couples, reverse.

The memories. Guess what, we are going again--next weekend. The kids had a blast!

And so did mama!


The decorations haven't changed-

NOT SINCE 1975!!!

c'mon! Get your skates on!

Meet me at the Harborena next weekend!

Its just like riding a bike, really!


Sarah said...

Sa-weeeet! I love rollersaktin'! Man those decorations ARE from the 70's! Fun :)

Linda Lou said...

How fun Lisa!! I can't remember the last time I skated. One of my daughters goes to the mall's ice skating rink often, take me back to junior high and i am skatin right there with ya!!

Kat said...

Happy Birthday Erin!
Its been years since Ive been skatin. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

OH my that brings back fond memories. We used to skate for hours as kids at a place that has long since closed but looked exactly the same.

PLO said...

Too funny! I still prefer roller skates to inline ones. I would love to "snowball" with you. MMMmmm.

Bristol said...

Oh what a fun time we rollerskated at the Castle. It looked like one on the outside and was dark and dirty inside but it was fun~

lc oneill said...

Ah, the memories! Who knows, you just might see me there next weekend :o) Auntie Lori

Timi said...

I LOVE IT!!!! The only thing missing is a red rope draped around your next while your skating. I loved the skating rink!
What a great post! I might have to take my niece skating next weekend.