Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Its a year, dear reader..

The time, it sure does fly by..

Doesn't it?

i was just--ONE-- short year ago. Boy.

See all those comments?


not bad for the first post, eh?

That's okay, I persevered.. trudged on.and.on.

then you came along.. (go to comments, check out my oldest girlfriend blogger)

oh yes, its MARTHA!!!

girl, I love ya! My first, well second comment..and shes stuck with me for an ENTIRE YEAR!

Bless you, my child..Then theres HER -without Jenn there would be no coastal nest blog. Thank you Jennifer..

Now, on to the good stuff.

Shall we have a give away??

for the peeps that come here often, and you know who you are.. I just love ya..its been sooo fun, funny, sad, interesting, reflective and so life changing meeting all you freaks. I'm so glad I'm not alone out here in this big blog world and have gotten to know you.

So, lets get down to it, shall we..

Give away rules are..(since I am in need of a little blog love) and hapless attention seeker.

in your comment to me today let me know what post you like the best in my last year of blogging -and why.. I hear you all groaning out there...just like all the kids at school when they hear..pop quiz~~ do they do that any more? Pop quiz???

Well, then since its my giveaway..I get to pick.

I'm going to give away something nice, from the Coastal Nest..a little part of my summer fun.

and perhaps some of my freshly cut toenails..just kidding. KIDDING!!! sheesh. don't take me so serious! Im saving those for Paula..

so, go to it..I'm going to let you know that there will be 3 items in the give away all worthy of your cute little nest..it wont be anything horrible, trust me..

then, by the end of the week--hopefully by Thursday night or Friday night I am going to post a photo or 10 of my garbage sale--oh I mean garage sale I am having this weekend, just in case there's something you cannot live without. I know how you love me, and my junk.

just like I love you guys..

Thanks for the great year!!!



coastal nest



sarah @ a beach cottage said...

oh I've had a lovely visit here today, looking through your blog, wow you've done some great things haven't you

love the sitting room and the furniture set up and the cushions, I am going to try and move mine around now

we are so on the same page, don't you love that?? thanks for popping by to me too

happy blogging


sarah @ a beach cottage said...

p.s I've just added you,thought I already had but my sidebar's looking a bit busy, eeek, it's difficult to keep track of all the wonderful blog gals...

Martha said...

How's a girl supposed to pick just ONE fave post???

I think the ones that really got me hooked are the posts with you showing off your decorating SKILZ, sister!!!! Especially September of last year.

But some of my other faves are:
Posts with photos of the shop.
The one where you brought Bob V. something to drink while he toiled away at his job.
Any before and afters of the Coastal Nest.

Happy Anniversary, Lisa, my pal and ever-faithful commenter!

Oh - and Paula? You can HAVE the toenail clippings:)

Linda Lou said...

Congrats Lisa - my favorite post is January 25th-when you talked about getting pregnant with your adorable little girl!! Keep blogging, you are awesome!!

JoAnne said...

Woohoo! Congrats on a year. I read every new post you do (even if I don't comment)and love them all. It would be hard to pick just one favorite but I like the ones with your's and your Mom's store, all of the posts of the progress of the cottage and when you talk about "bob villa". Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to keep reading. Smiles, JoAnne

Kat said...

Hi Lisa...I love those BV post..oops I mean the decor related post. I wasnt able to post a comment easily until I started my blog. I was one of those lurkers you knew were hanging around. It was fun to find another Washington girl online.
One of these days Im going to pop into Blue Heron and see you in person. I will be looking forward to your garage sale.

lc oneill said...

Dear Miss Lisa,
My favorite post is February 27th. I'm betting you can guess why I love it - the PHOTOS :o) I adore all your blog entries and love this side of you that I don't always get to see out in the public eye. You are a talented woman, wonderful mother and beautiful wife. I'm glad to have found you in this little town! Love ya, Lori

Michelle said...

I can't pick one, either! But I think my favorite genre would have to be your Coastal Nest flip pics. Especially the final reveal with the realtor photos. I'm so glad you're not selling it! It's so beautiful, and you and BV did such an amazing job.

Laurie Anne said...

I think my favorite peek into your life was when you shared that you and your girlfriends spent hours in the car to whitnes the ever hot Billy Idol. Rock the cradle of Love baby :0)

Sarah said...

I loved it when you called us freaks, It melted my heart... hehe.

Gosh. Where is my favorite post?? I am doing with WITHOUT going back and browsing, cause I am good like that.

Oh and before I tell you my faves, I am with Martha - you can send those toenails STRAIGHT to Paula. I know she'll love em.

I love the post about your family all being at the beach, and walking by all those colorful rocks that people decorate....

my other one is about your HAWT mailman.

I am so glad I found you, happy year.


Landlocked Minnesota Sarah

Suzy said...

My favourite post was the one where you took a picture of your son's gross teeth after he got home from camp because it made me feel better about my own son's gross teeth when he got home from camp!

Bristol said...

Hey you~ Congrats on a year. I remeber when I stumbled across your cute blog. i have enjoyed every minute. So glad I arrived here, you are my favorite~~

Soleil said...

I have so loved reading your blog over the last year. So many times I've said to myself...It would be great to sit and drink beers with this girl. I really wish you would rent out Bob Vila. Michigan is probably a bit far for him to do handyman jobs, though. Thanks for sharing yourself and your lovely family with me.

Soleil said...

Oh Crap...I was actually supposed to read and follow instructions?!
I would have to say my favorite post was your Memorial Day post. It was so perfectly simple and genuine. It made me sad that there were hardly any people to thank the veterans at our local parade. After all they have done for this country. Makes me ashamed of my fellow Americans.

Mrs. Jones said...

Who couldn't love you! You're the happiest blogger I know!! And Martha is awesome, isn't she? She was my first blogger friend, too. :-)


Mrs. Jones said...

Ooops, I forgot my favorite post. It's this one http://coastalnest.blogspot.com/2008/05/more-coastal-frolicking.html because I miss coastal frolicking, and I'm just plain jealous of you that you can go to the beach any doggon time you want!! (but happy for you, too.)


Timi said...

Ok, I'm not going to lie.......I haven't been reading for a year. Only since July. I could go back and read all those posts but as we all know.......I am Princess Lazy Ass! It aint gunna happen.
My favorite post......when I found your cute little beach house was the one I was driving by and walking by, trying to see in the windows everyday while staying in Pacific Beach Resort for 2 weeks.
Blogging surprises me all the time with how small the world really is.
Congrats on a year of blogging! What a great accomplishment.
Keep on Bloggin girlfriend!

Melissa said...

I think one of my favorites would be on August 23, 2008, titled "Oh Boy". It was a post on the Crab signs. It brought a smile to my face. Actually all of your postings make me laugh, but that one was just too cute.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful place to come and visit. It's always so much fun here.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your anniversary!! I've been a stalker, I mean reader, of your blog for awhile :-) I've enjoyed your posts on the renovation of your beach cottage and also photos of your mom's shop.


Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Aww shucks, honey! Well, my favorite post is any post that mentions me. Just kidding. My favortite posts have been all the inprogress and final reveal of that gorgeous coastal nest. Plus the ones of your gorgeous house. Oh and the ones of your smokin' hot husband. Oh wait, I really love the ones of your gorgeous kiddos! Does that cover it all?

Traceytreasure said...

I like this one!!
Because the look on BV's face looked as if you'd robbed the dealership!! Many of your posts have been touching. I like the one of you all on the beach too where you were collecting the sand dollars because I have some and I love them!!
You have to remember that I've only been reading since February of this year, so Please don't hold that against me.
If I win, please know that I'll pass on any of the pretty pears!!
Hugs and love, T

Anonymous said...

I don't often post but I always check out your blog and read about what you have been up to. I love the ocean and would love to live near it like you do.

My favourite post is June 30, 2008 when you show the photos of a 'nearly' finished Coastal Nest, although it looks pretty darn finished to me - very lovely in fact.


Martha said...


Where's my prize at?


Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, girlfriend, one small closet in my house is organized and the rest is TRASHED. The junk is going to rise up and swallow me one day. I'm tryin', that's all I can say. ;-)


RED SHOES said...

I am certainly glad I met you this year! You are definitely a favorite!
too bad you aren't closer so we could be drinking those pink cocktails together!
and as far as the posts go I could never pick a favorite post. all of your posts are hilarious, fun, wild, touching, sweet, inspiring,
yummy. too many things to choose!
have a great night sweet friend!
you are the bomb!

Mrs. G. said...

Happy one year.