Friday, August 31, 2007

Summers end

Its amazing to me that this summer is already over and the kids will be back in school on Tuesday.

Here on the coast in Washington State, we havent even had summer yet! It has been the lousiest one we have had in a long time. I havent even gotten the swim pool out once. Im sorry for the kids, they love the pool so much, but there has to be a temperature above 70 for us to haul it all out. We are hoping for a lovely late summer into October, maybe...

I am a postponer, putter offer, and good old delayer. Why do today what you can do tomorrow? Isnt that how it goes? I have to admit, I havent bought any school clothes yet. Arent I horrible? The boys DETEST-HATE and really REALLY disLIKE going shopping, of any kind. Except for the toy lego/dino shopping that is. So, with Ryan starting the 5th grade, and Finn going into Preschool, I am 2 against one, I loose.
Its totally no fun! Slacker mom..I think I give in to easily. Although the 3$ thongs..oops, I mean "flip flops" from Old Navy will not make it through PE in Ms Drapers class, we will have to buy a new pair of runners for the big guy. (How come the name of a great old summertime easy on sandal now represents what we DONT want to see exposed as undergarmets at the high school?) Thongs, flip flops, underpants skivvies. Hmmm.Whatever.

Today I/we will make the treck to the mall, boys in tow. School supplies, runners for Ryan and possibly Finn. Jeans, t's and a new sweatshirt or 2. and maybe, just maybe if mommy could find thongs on sale, I just might buy a pair.

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