Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So, Whats new at Grand Heron -you ask...

Peek a boo!
Here are a few new things Id like to let you have a peek at..
New at Grand Heron..
This sunburst mirror, totally beachy with mother of pearl buttons and a great shabby look
along with cute map stick matches or an old ephemera look box style, too..great large gazing balls are in.. The best ever very organic look mouth blown glass teardrop shaped lamp. This beauty is one of the best things in the shop at the moment. On Monday, I worked- sold 2 in one day. Great for that seaside cottage or a book case in your livingroom. Its very cool in person. Trust me. Imported from FRANCE--what? France ? What about china??? wow, how refreshing..
Swedish summer soap just in, so cute in bright yellow..Floats in salt or freshwater for you sailors out there (or anyone who bathes..) Very old fashioned and fun for a guest room. Then theres the everpresent and great selling eggwhite facial bar (also from sweden) really is a nice creamy bar, the ol swedes swear by! Let the fruity smell of pineapple take you away to the tropical islands with the great pineapple soap, At least 3 or 4 bars a day go out the front door.
Fun beach scape, great oyster chandelier.. el swanko--
New coastal print..canoe on a lake, oars also just in..
Biplane flyers- these are the best colors!
Lemonade anyone??? How about a great print of a pinto pony.. Hey Pioneer woman!!! (like SHE'D --EVER--READ-- ME!!)
More fine candles, dovecotes, florals..
fun artwork for your kitchen or restaurant..
Lovely piece of art, looks like our cranberry bogs we have on the south beach..A pristine piece of coastal loveliness this cabinet would look charming at my coastal nest, no? I keep trying to talk my mama into letting me have it.. No WAy daughter!! she says she loves me, but...
Thanks for taking a look around the shop. We are here and ready to help get your decorating style on!
Stop by and say HI!!

114 East Heron St
Aberdeen WA 98520

coastal nest


Dona said...

What wonderful treasures! Do you ever ship little items? I would love some of the Swedish summer soap for my swedish friend! I'd love to hear about that tear drop shape lamp, too -- does it set flush to the table or is it on a pedestal? Also, they look like tiny light bulbs from the pic is that kind of what it is? Thanks for listening to my rambling:) Your pictures are always such a delight! ~Dona

Lisa said...

Hi Dona,
Id love to let you know about my shops treasures, but I have no way of getting ahold of you. Please email me a and Ill get going on your questions!
Thanks for the interest!
coastal nest

Susan said...

Hi Lisa,
Beautiful things at Grand Heron. I love that cabinet, too. I just need my beach house to put it in.

I visited Aberdeen for the day back in the 80's. It was really a pretty town. Maybe I should visit Washington again. All my relatives have left now. They used to live by Lake Mayfield.

Bristol said...

Lisa- What wonderful goodies. I really would lov eto buy that pony print. Do you ever sell things via phone or computer? How much is it? I love it.


Sarah said...

We need weekly updates on what's new at the Heron. I had so much fun reading this post. Such fun things, I love that lemonade cooler and those biplane flyers!!! Can we have a new tour each week, puhleeease???? It would be one of the highlights of my week ;)

Linda Lou said...

You have some great stuff at Grand Heron, I have never been to coastal Washington, hoping to visit some friends near Gig Harbor next summer, are you near there?

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I'll for sure take that cabinet and lemonade dispenser. Just put em in the mail and send me the bill!

TraceyTreasure said...

I just might call you!! I have to go but I'll see you later!!

TraceyTreasure said...

Ooooo Oooooo, I love the table with the starfish on it. I will pick it up when I'm in town. I love everything in that store!! Can't wait to hear from you!! Hugs!

kcinnova said...

I LOVE the sunburst mirror! And what a beautiful shop - I will definitely have to stop in the next time I am around! (Good friends live in Elma/McCleary; I formerly lived in the Oly area)

So glad I finally clicked over after seeing all your comments at Derfwad Manor :)

Mrs. G. said...

So many beautiful things. I really like those large match boxes. I'm currently into birds and nests. Someday I'm going to visit that store.