Thursday, April 17, 2008

a Trip to Sewards Nursery...

Hello sweetie pies, I hope all are having a lovely week. This is one of my very favorite places to go for plants, AND guess what, its on the way to the beach, lets stop in shall we?

This is Sewards Nursery, shes on Ocean Beach Road, you can stop and get a gorgeous hanging basket for yourself when you come on out to the beach this summer.This is the Fushcia house. As you can see, her fushcia baskets are TO DIE FOR. Her and her mama, yes her mama, grow all of the fushcias from starts themselves. This Green house is todiefor!! She was telling us today how her hubby has to chase all of the humming birds out at the end of the day, Could you imagine?
Heres another green house. I am so ready for spring and summer to be here. So, instead of paint and drywall mud under my nails, guess what it will guessed it, SARAH!! DIRT!! (no, Im not forgetting the hosta, either) email me, so I get your addy to send them toyou.. (up there in the right hand corner, by the lovely photo of self..)
can you even stand these photos? My mom and dad were fushcia fanatics when we were growing up, she always would buy one by the name of Lisa, isnt she a sweet mommy?
This is the one that Mac Daddy bought his Mrs V. (this is my other pet name for BV) sorry, if I confused you..
stupendious!! I do have to forewarn you if you are going to make the trip out here from Minnesota for a hanging basket, she does TONS of presales, they have only been open a week and there are soooo many sold signs on most of her baskets, she sells alot to certain vacation resorts on the beach, and sooo many people come back year after year for her plantings. Her father plants all of the baskets in such a wide variety of beautiful flowers. Total heaven to the gardener..

See ya there..maybe we could grab a coffee after your done visiting, oh, wait..we are in the middle of nowhere..let me know, I can fill the thermos..

have a great day!!!


Diana said...

lovely, lovely - garden places are always so much fun!

Michelle said...

Ooh, those are some gorgeous fuchsia photos. I especially love the first one, with the white buds punctuating the pink and purple. Lovely.

Sarah said...

SOOOOOOO friggin georgeous!! I wish I could visit that greenhouse. I am like a garden storeoholic. I seriously have issues with spending too much time and money on all the varities of plants. I can feel my heart racing right now....need.a.fix!

Are you being serious about the hosta?? Really??
For little ole me????? I will email you!



Jan said...

Nice shots of the garden nursery. It makes me want to go and spend some sweet mulah. Beautiful Lisa.

Mrs. G. said...

I will know I have died and made it if I ever get a good sized greenhouse in my backyard. I can't stay out of nurseries-I'd much rather shop for plants than clothes.

Susan said...

I love fushias and if I ever get to move to the beach I'm having some. Now we live in the desert (Riverside, CA) and it gets too hot in the summer. My grandmother had fushias hanging on her patio and I remember them fondly. You have beautiful posts!

PLO said...

Forget the coffee, I want booze. We are just starting to warm up, Mr. Forcryeye, and the teenage man cleaned out the beds this week...ready for planting. I think it may be worth the trip to get one of those Fuscia's!?! Please come by and help me pick my tattoo. Have a lovely weekend!

PLO said...

Hey beautiful. Thanks for being honest with my tat girlfriend. I am pretty sure I am eliminating the word HIM...I still haven't seen what the tat guy came up with, so it should be cool to see his idea...he is probably going to be the final designer...xoxoPaula Hey, I am trying to talk Mr. Forcryeye into a road trip this summer, with a stop to the coastal nest...I think he would love BV, since he is a hands on man as well. It is just a fleeting thought, but wouldn't that be fun?!?