Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is a test...I repeat, only a test...beeeeeeeep!

Hello Folksies.. Here are a few things about the beach.. Its flat here, SEA LEVEL..that means we are always at the ready for one thing..TSUNAMI!!!!whoa dude, get your surfboard..See this telephone pole with the 7 oval orbs atop it? This here is a WARNING SIREN.. and let me tell you..its loud. L O U D..And if its the real deal, well. You better GIT. Hot foot it up to higher ground..PRONTO.
We also have these neat signs everywhere at the beach. Just in case you dont know where to go, follow the arrow on theblue signs..Lucky for me, the coastal nest is high atop the bluff at Pacific Beach. Also lucky for me, we are very close to the Naval Center, not like the navy will be able to protect my family from a ginormous wave from Japan or Russia or out there in the Pacific somewhere.. Im not making light..Because my house -house- home that we live in, is in the flood plain. sooo, this means we need to take it serious. Serious is the test, once a month on the first Monday, its such a ominous eerie sound. I HATE IT. but, it is good to be prepared. That being said

Here is the last photo of the day, before the sun went completely down. Gorgeous out here, weather or not "the big one" ever does come, its a beautiful place. My beach.I love it here.


Michelle said...

How eerie to be constantly reminded of the "big one". I escaped tornadoes in MN for earthquakes in WA. It's a good trade for me--I've always found geology much more interesting than meteorology.

Sarah said...

Totally different things to think about out on the coast. That's OK I will come to visit... I aint skeeered :)
That last photo is beautiful!

Jan said...

That is annoying for sure. Hopefully people will take it serious if there ever is a big one.
Sometimes you start to ignore the sounds if its too often.