Monday, April 21, 2008

Taking a break...and making a cake!

Since we left the beach sooo late the other night (see photo) and everyone (self and BV) were exhausted from all the big work from this last week, we decided to stay home on Sunday- and rest... haha.. If there is one thing Mr and Mrs Villa do not know, its rest. whats that??

Here you see Bob in the garden doing a little cleaning up. The "P" on his hat IS for perfect. Not Pirates, as when he was the coach of his boys baseball team, as everyone would suspect. He is most awesome. Notice he is doing the work as I fart around taking photos. "Honey, does Sarah, your blog girlfriend like bleeding heart?" I dunno. But she loves hosta.. Notice bob being attentive to all of my make believe girlfriends, as much as his wife..
Here is my make believe girlfriends booty from my garden. Left to right. A couple of Peony, a huge clump of Hosta in need of division, next is my very favorite Solomon Seal, and some lovely clumps of bright green Ladys Mantle (sarah, they go great with hosta. Awesome texture together..) Dont thank me, thank Bob, for I was toooo busy to really dig around much.. Someone had to be weed bucket dumper and trampoline safety patrol manager.. Plus, I already had paint under the nails, so there wasnt any room for DIRT, too..SHEESH!!! Anyway, Bob is taking the box of florabunda to the post office with him today Sarah, so in 3 to 5 days..expect a parcel of dirt from the Villas!! With our love..
Then, because its my dear and most excellent Moms Birthday, today--I came in and made one of these for her party tonight. At 5:30 18 guests, including the Royal Highness herself will enter through the doors of the Villa home for a taco fest. (I know, not very birthday-ish) BUT I wanted my brother and sister to help me, so this is what we came up with..It will be a fun evening celebrating the Matriarch of our family..
Heres the ganached chocolate heaven.. HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO MY MOTHER.. I LOVE YOU!!!


Jan said...

Sounds fun. Happy Birthday and save me some cake.

Sarah said...

Yeeeeowwwwza! Look at those purty things!! I am so excited! You and Mr. V are so nice to me, and I cant wait to get them in the ground and take pictures of my garden staright from the NW!!

Thank you Thank you thank you :) YEHAWWWW!

Lisa said...

your welcome, sweetiepie!!
From our garden to yours-
Mr and Mrs V..

PLO said...

Happy Birthday your Royal Highness. I would like you to ship me some of those bleeding hearts...I could send you some dandelions in return. Come and see if you approve of my tattoo. Hot Damn that BV is a stud muffin.

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

You big nut! Those pics aren't my house. I just forgot where I poached 'em from. Now. Can I have a piece of that cake?

Traceytreasure said...

Happy Birthday to her! I love cake! One of my most favorite people in the world was born on the 22nd! Party Hardy!! Hugs!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! What are you talking about--not birthday-ish? It sounds perfectly birthday-ish to me. And that cake looks gooood. I had to really practice self control not to lick the screen. I might have to make some ganache just to put on crackers or something.

Martha said...

Helll-llooo GANACHE!!! Lookin' good Ganache! Oh's been so long. Sooooo long. Ganache? Let's get together real soon, okay?