Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Birthday girl..and her mini peeps..

Happy Birthday, you beautiful gal!! This is my mom, who celebrated 64 years yesterday. These are her sweet grandchildren. Minus one,Ive got my three, my brother has his 3 and my sister has her 3. We are not giving any more grandchildren to my mother.whew. Although, when you (sarah) post photos of your darling peeps, it makes me want more.

We had a fun birthday party. Ate too many tacos and had a great birthday cake. I used Bristols ballerina cake topper she sent me from her new store (check it out, too cute)

As some or most of you might know, my parents (mom) own a huge fabulous interiors store downtown, in a historic Masonic Temple buildingthey purchased almost 15 years ago called Grand Heron, WE all suffered horrible when the storm of December 2007 hit here in Washington State, but none more tragically than the shop. This place is her life..Anyway, finally, after more than 4 months of dis-service and piss poor customer service, and alot- and I mean ALOT of just plain NO service, my mom got a check, the first of a few, from her insurance company for her beloved Grand Heron building.

Here she is with it. We joked and had alot of fun with this, my dad even wrapped it up in a birthday present for her, and brought over champagne to swig and toast..Finally, finally, FINALLY we are getting somewhere! New building, new GRand Heron-- here we come... She deserves it. Im so happy that the stress is starting to come off of her. (and dad) its been horrible. She dosent handle it well. BUT NOT YESTERDAY!!!

Yay!! Happy Birthday Mom, Im happy, extatic and overwhelmed for you.. FINALLY.
What a great Birthday day. I love ya!

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Michelle said...

I'm so glad the insurance company finally came through! And how fun that it happened on her birthday! Looks like it was quite the party.

Sarah said...

You mom is so dagum cute...a well deserved tiara. Its about time that insurance company stepped up.

Oh come on--- tell BV that you want to break outta the "3" kids mode and go for four~~ LOL... I will do it with you! I promise!

Oh and did you save me a peice of that cake? I love me some chocolate.

PLO said...

Happy Birthday again!! I am so glad to hear about the check finally arriving...lets hope the other ones are more timely. I was going to ask Ville to cut you a check, but then yours came. XOXO

Bristol said...

What a wonderful party. Your Mom looked like she was having a ball.
I love the picture with the check very funny. I am so glad that things are getting cleared up. have a great week.

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

Oh that is great that your mom got her cheque!! I felt terrible for both of you with your ongoing saga of your insurance company!! Yeah!

Martha said...


I'm so happy for you! The place should be on it's way by the time I visit next :) I'm totally coming to the shop the next time I'm in town :)

Your Mommy looks amazing and oh so happy. Happy birthday to her


Mrs. G. said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. She's a beauty-I see where you get your smokin' good looks.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Just found you through Take 90 west. We share a distaste for A&F ;)

fun party! Glad your mom got her check! Sounds like it took awhile.