Monday, November 12, 2007

I dream of my beach house.............

Well hello to all, I am in dream design mode today, as we had big plans to spend our entire weekend at the coast getting the old coastalnest back up and into its renovations. We have had a busy few weeks with me at work preparing for the open house and Steve in supervisor mode at the post office working late. But, alas, it has been gusting 60 mph winds here on the coast and no power to be had out at the beach. We decided to stay at home and do some dreaming, lego playing and movie going instead. There really is no substitution for a relaxing cozy day spent with the family.

A lazy morning sipping coffee with the sweetie pie, pouring over dozens of well preserved cottage living magazines I have been saving up just for the start of "my part" of the renovation out at the beach. I cannot get my mind off of this renovation by Jane Coslick these photos are from one of her renovation-restorations called Amazing Grace . She is one of a few gals that are on "my list" I think she really "gets it" instead of the slab granite home depot big box renovation she restores. I LOVE it! You can find her at, she is well worth a peek. I can only hope that my coastalnest will come to this type of restoration, although on much less of a $cale, if you get my drift.

When we originally purchased the coastalnest, we got our loan for $40k more for the renovation, guess what, that nest has gobbled up more than half of that just in lumber, lots of rot- sweet husband laments.....hmmmm. The irritation has set in, but I can do it! A girl really hates to be on such a tight budget, but we will get it done, I promise.

Anyway, snap back to reality and here are the photos that the coastalnest should somewhat come to look like. I cannot STAND (sarcastic!!) that bunk bed photo, pinch me! Are you in dreamland? How I would dream of my tots in those sweet beds, enjoying their coastal retreat breathing in that fresh coastal air.... We will see, keep your fingers crossed for me and my ungodly budget...I do protest, but it will get me no where!!

I hope you all reflected on our country and our Veterans today. If you have not been to the Veterans Memorial, google it, gather your children and say a prayer for our country, we are strong when we are united. God bless America and all who have served her.

all the best--


coastalnest :)


Cottage by the River said...

Just think of all the wonderful years you will have in that cute cottage. My parents cottage was purchased in the 60's by my grandparents. In 2007 we are still making dream changes. Hopefully next summer we will add an addition to the bunkhouse through the garage and add a boat house. It is a work of love. the best thing is that your kids will hold those memories close for a lifetime. I know I have.
Now if I could just get a scanner I could show the old cottage! have a good one Lisa, I enjoy reading your blog every day!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

I love those pictures. They are just perfect. I would really love to build in some bunkbeds like that when we finish our basement.

That's too bad that all the rotten wood is eating into your budge. I am looking forward to watching more of your progress with restoring and decorating.

You might want to swing by my blog today if you have a minute. I'm going to grab a snack and I'm closing myself into my studio for the day to work on aprons. Have a great day. Hugs, Jen

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Darn, I thought those beautiful photos WERE of your beach house and then I scrolled down and saw it was a work in progress. looks like it will be fabulous.