Friday, November 9, 2007

And the season begins..we are ready!

I am very excited about this years treasures that we have decorated the store with. There is an endless array of things purchased lovingly and placed just right for our customers, plus- we have gorgeous wrap, free of charge.

In the back of my mind I am always curious about those people that go off to the mall to find the perfect gift, not even thinking twice about dropping by the local small business owner who toils day in and day out fussing fluffing unpacking and styling to make her shop the most it can be for you. This is in my blood, I am 42 now and my mom started the shop back in 1987. I came on board shortly after my stint in Seattle- you know, to make it on my own.....I am so glad I did come home.

Retail isnt the easiest, no let me rephrase that-- small business retail isnt the easiest, lord knows we can use all the help we can get. So, if you are searching, and my dears- you know you will be, stop by your local gals shop cruise around and let her know how nice her shop looks, and maybe you just might find that perfect gift for your mother in law, you know how picky she is!!! (just kidding)

These are more photos of my 4th child, a love all her own. Grand Heron- Downtown Aberdeen, Washington 200 East Heron Street, she (and I) will be waiting to wrap up a gorgeous gift for you, or one of your best gal friends.

This last photo is one of my faves, kind of dark but the chandelier is so pretty in this shot. She is over 5 feet tall and is an antique from Italy. Purchased by the couple who owned the building previous to us, when it was a glorious high end clothier.
Have a great day girls!!



Cottage by the River said...

Lisa - the shop is gorgeous. I dream of opening a shop like that some day. But for now I am a GM at a big store, which I treat like it is my own. A lot of work goes into those displays, but I love to do it. So here is to a great year!! It looks like there are a million gems in there!!!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Your shop looks lovely - wish we lived a little closer to visit! Well, if we ever find ourselves your way - we'll stop!! Best of luck this holiday season!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Lisa- I just tried to call you at the shop. You amaze me. I can't believe you sent me that wonderful treat. I'm so touched.

Martha said...


I'm in love with your shop!!!!! It's Ballard Designs only better!

Is there a Website?