Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here I am!!

Well gals, here I am! I guess I could say not bad for 42.

Blond, blue eyed northwest gal, seeks friendship with other gals with like mindedness blog adventures, to share in day to day life's miracles and pitfalls. Hows that?

Please add a comment so we can all link around and see our sunshiny faces!

YOU LOOK GREAT!! Nice to meet you--


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Well hello! Nice to see you! My picture isn't posted in my current post, but you can find it if you click on the upper right hand button where I tell about my blog (I think it says Authentic Style at the moment). And, I had another picture posted of my on the Orient Express awhile back. Plenty of photos but no desire to have them visible all the time!

Nice to see you, though! You do look great for 42! I'm 40 so I understand these things.

Hey, you said you are a NW girl? Let me know what you mean by NW, as I too am a NW girl!

Again, so nice to meet you!



Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Okay Lisa, I've played along too. So nice to see your smiley face this morning.

nannykim said...

That takes boldness, I must say ;-)

nannykim said...

Sorry--I got tagged and I am spreading it to you. If you decide to do it, read my Nov 15 post "tagged" and it will tell you what to do! UGH.

Cottage Magpie said...

Such a cute photo! And you're from the NW, eh? Me too! Where? Meanwhile, I haven't gotten brave enough to take a photo... Hmmm....
~Angela :-)

VintageGirlatHeart said...

Your blog is so great, elegant and real at the same time!!!! Nice to put a face with a blog::)).
I am 42 also and have been married for 15 years, my Anniversary was on 11/7 so we already have stuff in common. Looking forward to seeing the Beach house pics!!!
Oh yeah, My hubby is like Norm form Old Yankee Workshop...tee hee.