Monday, November 19, 2007

Decking the halls....slightly

We spent the weekend here in the coastalnest in cleaning mode.
Re arranging the living room to accomidate the large television for the dreaded football marathon, and for all who want to watch. We will be 22 thankful celebrators on Thursday. I will be arranging the diningroom for 12 adults (lucky for the large table) an almost teen table for 5, and a kiddie table for 5. I am quite excited to have all of my peeps over. Seems as thought I have never had Thanksgiving at my house before. Strange to me. It just always seems to be Christmas gatherings here.
I need a great craft for the kids. Any ideas??? anyone, anyone?Bueler, Bueler ??? sorry, 80s movie backflash...
Anyway, here is my partially be decked mantle, not too Christmassy... but yet very jazzy and happy. I ADORE Wendy Addisons silver holiday. This is all from 2 years ago and the silver sparkle is really turning antiqued-- great vintage look.
I have alot left to do, set tables, more cleaning, then the food prep. Although my sweet Mother insists on bringing...The Turkey, the wild rice stuffing, the gravy and her green jello salad(which no one eats but her) Lucky she only lives 2 blocks away, my oven would not hold a 25 lb turkey for all the tea in China.
Today, I am off to work. Steve is out at the beach house for more window installation. More of those photos to follow, shortly. Its starting to look like a beach house!!! Hurray!


Cottage Magpie said...

It looks so pretty! I can't wait to see more. And how crafty are the kids and what ages?
~Angela :-)

Cottage by the River said...

Lisa- Your holiday sounds like mine. We always have wild rice prepared by my mom, yummy! You are cracking me up, Ferris Bueller my favorite movie!

White Cottage said...

Love your blog and photos! Thanks for checking out mine too! Where is your store located? Do you have a website for it? It's BRRRRRRRRR here is OHIO!

Anonymous said...

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