Wednesday, June 13, 2012

oh, yellow..your not mellow..

Yellow, I am sure that whoever gave you the nickname
was blind.
You are anything but.
I am in love with everything about you today..I need the color burst of happiness you give me when I find an excellent room done in your perfect hue.
I do have a pair of those beds in the second photo and think I am going to make the leap and paint them this perfect color. Add that wonderful pattern on the headboard in the next photo.. made into pillows....voila!

wait, do you think that the lucy and ricky thing would go over??
hmmm..Twin beds..are they a thing of the past?
food for a yellow lemony bright sunshiney day kind of question..

make it a great day, peeeeeeps..

these are all pinned, here

oh, my..

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