Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hey, shelly!!

I want to make this mirror..will I? who knows..Im guessing if I write it down it might stick in my head a little longer and I might actually do it..maybe..ha.I still love to look at it after all these years. I would put it out at one of the beach houses, think people would respect it? who knows..all I know is its fran fricking tastic.

Then there is this Miss Heathers fireplace..can you tell I have been roaming around through my blog? I guess having years and years of posts thats a thing you should do every now and then. I loved looking though my posts last night. I have poured my heart and sould out in this thing..I have made some terrific friends along the way, too..Ziemer..Fortner..Crazy Paula..and sweet pregnant Cutzi just to name a few.
We have to do some foundation work this summer to the ol 1928 English Tudor we live needs it..It all revolves around the big old brick chimney from the fireplace..and a sill plate, Mac Daddy says..what ever that is..
This means we are going to be taking the bricks down, since we have a gas insert the whole thing really isnt necessary, anyway..I am excited to be doing the work because that means #1 a LEVEL house..which is major.
and #2 a little bit of new decorating going on! 
and no, I will not be covering up the new surround in oyster shell..I will just dream of it. Im afraid I would get so tired of it so quickly.

I have to go out and clean the coastal nest..New visitors are arriving tomorrow for a long weekend. I wish it was us! We never get to stay there anymore..We, however, will be on to an exciting weekend..Ryan has carved a spot out for himself in the Districts Mens Swim finals..who would a guessed it..He will be sprinting like a beast..
50 Free is his race...Im excited and nervous for him. Being a freshman, though..its quite a feat! He has gotten the customary TEAM mohawk and tonight we are going to the hairdressers to get it dyed
I will try and take a photo.. He is turning into quite the young man~

take care!


Martha said...

Oh, Leeeeese! I've been missing your posts. So glad I get to see some of your eye candy on Pinterest, though :)

Go Ryan! Tell him good luck from us!

Love the paint color in that first photo, and that And Heather Chadduck's fireplace just makes me mourn Cottage Living magazine all over again.

Julie Loves Home said...

Just happened upon your blog! So cute! Will be back often! Thanks!