Saturday, November 26, 2011


It has been the week from hell.
Our oldest wonderchild has been very sick.
Hospital sick.
..for 4 long days. I didnt think that it was so stressful when we were there, but now that we are finally home, well..I feel like I have been run over and back by a few big trucks.
Crazy how your body holds up under stress..and even more interesting how it shuts itself right off when it knows its alright to exhale.. felt like I have been holding my breath for a week.
Ryan is feeling better, we still have alot to take care of, but he is on his way to recovery.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving..

we have alot to be thankful for..


vintage girl at heart said...

Sorry y'all have had such a rough week and I am glad Ryan is on the mend. So scary when our children are sick. I hope you are able to rest and nest a bit now that he is back home.
Take care of Mama too...hard to do but a must.
Blessings and Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Cutzi said...

Oh Lisa... I didn't quite know what was going on from your fb posts. SO, so glad to know that Ryan is doing better. Scary for the mama and the papa!! Hope you have some time to rest up a a bit now. Love and prayers to you all.

Michelle said...

How scary! I hope that Ryan is back to full strength soon. Have a restful weekend!

Jane said...

IT is always scary when our kids...and other family members...are sick and hospitalized. But we somehow make it through. Like you said, though, it all hits when the crisis is over. So glad Ryan is home and doing well...

Martha said...

OMG!!!! What happened? Poor guy (and Momma!)

Give him a big sloppy kiss from us!


Millie said...

Get Well Rool Quick wishes to Ryan from us Down Under.
Millie xx

Heaven's Walk said...

What happened, Lisa? I'm so glad that he's home and feeling better! :)

xoxo laurie

Just a little something from Judy said...

When your child is really sick, nothing else seems to matter. I hope he is better today than yesterday, and that you keep blogging. I really enjoy every visit here.