Monday, October 3, 2011

the rain cometh...yeah!

I know that some people just have such a hard time with rain.
maybe that could have been us...yesterday....with the downpour we suffered while having my DeLuxe junk gabage sale . It deluged. those big volumptious raindrops that get you soaked to the bone in like 3 minutes flat.
It was hysterical, hubby and I in the madcap race to get the shat covered up.

It didnt work..everything got soaked.
I secretly crave it. Whether my junque got wet or not.
We just need to get new wiper blades.. then we will be in business..

becaue mama hates it when she cannot see while driving..
hows it going in your corner of the world?
I am enjoying a little wet rainy quite monday..

and so it begins...yay!!


Dona said...
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Dona said...

Love the rain! True Washingtonians just always have to have a plan b, c, d.....because you know the rain will cometh:) Sorry your treasures got wet, but great attitude!

I know I could give the store a call 'but' back in either late August or early September when we were visiting your space (which by the way, your new spot looks wonderful!) you had an outdoor fountain sink. Do you know if it has been sold? Thinking I might need it...

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful new season!


Just a little something from Judy said...

I thought to myself, as I read this post, what if everyone had as good of an attitude about rain as you do? Your pictures are exceptional! You made even the rain look good.