Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The C word....

Steves younger brother "Gary" ..has it.
Cancer..as if, hes like 44...the baby of the family.

These are Steves Brothers..
L to R
Larry, Steve, Gary "Hoss" and Bob
We are doing some fundraising for him before he goes through his stem cell transplant very soon. Steve and I thought a 2 night getaway would be a great way to raise money, and still get something out of it..

How about a a little vacation here..
this lil place out at the beach I am inccessantly YACKING about..

So, If you would like to buy a raffle ticket, we are selling chances for a 2 night getaway.

$5 will get you a ticket, $10 will get your 2..
2 1/2 hours away from Seattle or Portland, its a perfect excape!

You can paypal me 

The winner will need to complete their getaway by May 15th and will be drawn and notified by New Years Day 2011..we will come to your house with a limo, balloons, a hussy in a white dress helping Ed McMahon with his big check...

Thanks, keep Hoss in your thoughts and prayers..

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Miss Charity said...

Oh my goodness...I would love to help out your family (and stay at your cottage, too!) I was just talking to Amber about your place and she's told me how wonderful it is. I will definitely be entering your raffle...good luck with everything, and I will be praying for your family.