Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st and a gut check..

Hello all who find yourselves here for some odd reason or another..
When I started this strange thing called a blog, it was new and exciting and totally anonymous. I wrote on and on about worthless, house, life, etc. I met lots of Awesome chicks who I hold near and dear to my heart. (you know who you are!)

Lately..well...Ive been a slacker. I know, I know..ME! AS IF..
I think it possibly had a little something to do with the FACEBOOK, but I will never admit it.

I took an oath to myself a couple of hours ago..(and the fabulous Mrs G over at The Women's Colony)..I have had a major crush on her and her fabulous writing since I found her years ago. Hysterical, yes..honest...brutally..and mostly I like her style of writing... She kind of has some really scary friends who like to tell her her punctuation is bad and that she left out an antonym or didn't deconstruct the sentence correctly. For this reason sometimes I hesitate to post  a comment on her site..(I'm a heck of a grammar-tard, as you well can tell..), the ole Missus asked her facebook friends if they were down with the NaBloPoMo....What the hell is that, you say..check the link up there in the left top corner..
I made up my mind I have been slacker long enough and this month, this November...its going to be my month to get my maddddd writing skillz down. EVERYDAY. right here..

I don't know..maybe I need a little incentive in my life.
That's why.
There may be photos, there may not. Its just a wild card over here...

SOO, consider yourself informed. Stay away, or come on over and see the neurosis that is Coastal Nest.
Like it or not, you'll find me here EVERY DAY THIS MONTH!

yeeeee haw!
now sit down and quit look ridiculous :)


Sarah said...

Freaking SWEEEET! I cannot wait! xoxox (PS I have been lazy too.) Can't wait!

plo said...

Right on sista! I hear ya! I will be checking back, and maybe I can promise myself to post once a month?????????

WSU Laura said...

You are so brave.

Martha said...

Yay! **clap-clap** yay!!

Heaven's Walk - said...

LOL! You are too funny, girl....! :)

xoxo laurie

Millie said...

Brave but awesome move girl!
Millie ^_^