Monday, November 29, 2010

decking the halls and baby Jesus...

So, another Absolutely beautiful Thanksgiving has come and gone, we all had a terrific time with the family. I sincerely hope you did, too. Our 20th anniversary was a quiet one, I think I can safely say that we have reached middle age..ugh. Thats alright! Thanks for all the good wishes, you all are the best.

Business at Grand Heron has been brisk since we have moved back to our happy little corner downtown Aberdeen. People all smiles  and thrilled we are once again home and are not just coming in to check out the new and improvements, but also, BUY!!! wow, what a concept..I think that we might be experiencing a little uptick, well, alot of uptick, of sales...Its the depression-recession over?? Lets just hope that all the newsmakers will not tell everyone to not spend..I know I for one am going to buy. I always do..I cant help it..Well, I can help it when Reagan says she wants every single thing on the nick-jr channel..Does that drive you crazy, or is mine the only little girl thats says "I want that for Christmas, mommy!!" half the time she doesnt even know what it is!

I have been going back to church lately, Ryan is in Confirmation classes and enjoying it.
He was an acolyte yesterday and did a great job, and even said it was fun..Steve has been a grinch and has been staying home. Oh, well..I love it, it makes me feel warm and cozy, I especially love that my kids are totally down with it.. The first day of Advent started yesterday and I am going to try and use this as a teaching tool for my little darlings. Finn and Reagan are especially interested about all of it, so why not? right? I know, some of you are like..Lisa..Church?
Yep..Try it, you might like it. If your in my area and want to come we go to Amazing Grace Lutheran. Our terrific Pastor Beth and congregation would love to have you..and what better time? Baby Jesus is coming!


laura said...

what a lovely, post! And congratulations on your anniversary, i loved looking at your family pics, and your baby pic (of baby Reagan?) reminds me so much of my first !! so big and healthy (he was nine and a half pounds!!) Hope you are having a very lovely day,
laura c xxx

Cutzi said...

Yes, He is coming! And I think it's a perfect time to go back to church. My church is always so warm and cozy feeling around the holidays - just right for getting to know Jesus a little better.

Oh how I love Christmas - every part of it!

Ricki said...

I'm excited to visit the Grand Heron, my Mom will be visiting from Minnesota (flying in to PDX on Thursday) and I'm going to be bringing her in.

Yay for church! We started going to Faith Community Church here in Ocean Shores about 3 months ago and I absolutely LOVE it. My kids are very involved already as well. My husband didn't go the first 3 times, but then on the 4th time he went and he's been going ever since. There's hope :)

Heaven's Walk - said...

Wonderful post! Congrats on your 20th, too! We celebrated our 26th in August. What would Christmas be without baby Jesus, church services, and Christmas hymns??? :) Love it ALL!!!! We're charter members of Gun Lake Community Church since 1986 and have watched it grow from a 50 member church meeting in a snowmobile club to a 700 member church. God is good! :)

xoxo laurie

Bekah said...

Yea for church. Bigger yea for Jesus!!