Sunday, October 24, 2010

SeaWorthy Home makes her maiden voyage..Ruffles & Rust Event..

We packed up the the garage of all its vintage splendor and set sail for unchartered territory this weekend.

Come Junk with Us had a superior, supurb, outstanding event in Monroe Wa. Oh my goodness. If you were there, you know what Im talking about!

We had a great time, my man and I.

It was alot of work, but a true labor of love.

Timi, Jay and her funk-tabulous crew really worked as a well oiled machine to pull this HUGE event off.

The setting was wonderful. The gals and guys came out with smiles on their faces and were happy to be buying on Saturday.

This was our EXTRA large space..Filled to the brim.

Steve sung the praises of owning a vacation beach cottage..Perfectly. We gave away a weekend as a door prize and we have already had a few questions about winter getaways from people that were at the show!!
Thanks (darla and christine)

If you are interested in more info on my "stuff" and see something you might like, let me know. I will get back to you in the evening. As always you can find me on facebook


We sincerely loved meeting all of you~


Tiffany S. said...

I'm so sad we didn't know about this! Probably good for my pocketbook though. Your booth looks AMAZING!!!

We'll probably be staying in PB for a clamming season but will have our dog. :(

I "liked" SeaWorthy Home on FB so next time I'll know!

Laurie Anne said...

The show looked amazing, I was so bummed we couldn't make it. Congrats on your "maiden voyage"

plo said...

I want it all! It is all right up my alley!!! I love those little cubbies, so delightful! You have a knack girl! xo

This Old Country House said...

Your booth was among one of my favs at the show, anything beachy is good to me! And I just found your blog, cute house (we'll have to visit sometime). I just added you to my "follow" list, and I look forward to seeing more great post's about your place & SeaWorthy.

Boston Baked Beads said...

Could you tell me what the things are in the third picture that kind of look like bowling pins? I have one at my house and I'm just curious.

simpledaisy said...

Love it all!! Too bad I don't live closer:)

Debra said...

Wow! So many goodies. Do you still have that globe? If you do and you'd be willing to mail it email me at

gigiandoliver said...

Oh gosh! I'm way on the other coast, but I would have loved to be there! So much gorgeous stuff!

KatCollects said...

I was at the show Friday night, your booth was beautiful! I am kicking myself for not spending a little more time looking more closely. I didn't even notice your "Be bold" sign, LOVE it! After a very rough life changing year, I am ready to be bold again : )

Millie said...

All too beautiful Lisa! You did an awesome job, I would have spent up big. Just as well there's the small point of 12,000 miles between us girl.
Millie ^_^

Just a little something from Judy said...

I want to order one of every single thing in your gorgeous, so creatively displayed, shop. I feel like booking the next flight to the West Coast. Your work is amazing!!!

Martha said...

I want it ALL, girl!

You are SUCH a talented designer. I love the way everything is displayed.

Stephanie said...

This is beautiful! Such eye candy! I wish I could take it all home with me. Sooooo Seaworthy!