Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a favorite..

Here is one photo I have been packing around since I tore it out of some magazine years ago. I was going through that ol style folder the other day and found it again. This is still perfectly my SeaWorthy style. Some of those tear outs, well..Im not even sure which side of the page I liked!
Which brings me to the question..
How has your style changed over the last 10-20 years??
Are you still crazy for pink and blue?
Is it zebra that has your heart?
Inquiring minds...


Beach Combing... said...

love the new header with all of "our" Northwest shells. So pretty!

Beach Combing... said...

love the new header with all of "our" Northwest shells. So pretty!

Martha said...

Ooo I love that photo!

I don't know how my style has changed....I know it has, though! The funny thing is, I have binder full of favorite looks from magazines that I've had for 10+ years (and keep adding to), and I'm not sick of them yet!!


Linda Lou said...

Oh yeah my style has changed--12 years ago when we moved into this house I was Shabby CHic all the way-now a little more refined, darker tones, more Country Italian-maybe its just that I want to be in Italy so I can pretend when I walk in my home...love the shell header-BTY what is Farm CHicks???

fairmaiden said...

Sea breeze kisses to you! Just found your blog. I love this pic...I just got a table very much like this one for my art studio...I have an old chippy white pale like this one too.

Just a little something from Judy said...

As I travel around blogland, and see all the differing styles of decorating, I find myself questioning what I really do like? I like so many of them, although I chose the taupes, coffee colors and greens with lots of white woodwork to go with it. I do like the picture you shared and most of the decorating pictures you share throughout the year. I especially like your shell header.