Friday, April 9, 2010

Time machine...

My biggest boy, on his way to day camp. "Mama I dont want to go for a week, I will miss you. But I will go for the day.." words to melt a mamas heart. This was 5 short years ago..(blinks of my eyes.)
Now he wants to be camp counselor as soon as he can.

This was his birthday this year..the big 13. I know hes growing like a weed, and changing into a wonderful gentleman. Lord knows, I have tried to mold him into a charming, thoughtful, caring, young man that will be an asset to the world. He is a man among men. It hit me like a ton of bricks at his St. Patricks Day Concert this year. 

When I saw him walk onto the stage with the rest of his Band-mates I was just overcome by what he has grown into. Whose beautiful face was that? Was that MY baby? Is that my Ry? He looks so mature and handsome, and loved by his mates.
I am so so so proud to be his Mom.

I love you Ryan.
you make your mamas day.
Now quit growing up!


Rochelle said...

Better not blink anymore!! :)
Have a great weekend...

Just a little something from Judy said...

Oh how well I could relate to this post. A fine looking gentleman that you raised. It all happens so quickly...before you know it they are out of the home. I know whereof I speak. Mothers of all girls are thankful for mothers like you who teach their guys how to be gentlemen.

Martha said...

Happy Birth day to your boy!!