Sunday, March 7, 2010

Around the house..

Sadly, Coastal Nest cannot report from last nights fabulous crab feed in full technicolor. I apologize.
#1 she forgot her camera. He wouldnt get out of his sweats or shave for the event.
#2 she is divorcing her camera.
#3 her camera is old and non communitive anymore..which really irritates Coastal Nest beyond belief.
Lets just say, it was a blast, and Coastal Nest is nursing a semi-gigantic headache from the beer and quite possibly too much crab. As usual, the husband ate his weight in crab AND filled his hollow leg.
Thank you Ocosta Booster Club and Westport Crabbers.
Clearly by the turnout it must have been a record breaker.  Congratulations!
So, Coastal Nest is going to go into reruns. I am not going to purchase a camera until I can get the one I really really really want. Which one will it be? Dont know. Suggestions?? Anyone??
While in the rerun mode, I stumbled upon some photos of Coastal Nest, the At Home version. I have ripped most of these things from their comfy places where they once were happy to sit and re arranged, long long ago.
Look at that photo of Coastal Nests darling baby girl. Her grama took that and gave it to me for my birthday.
Coastal Nest really hopes you have an excellent Sunday. We here are happy to spend the morning romping around in night-time diapers and cozy pants, drinking good coffee and enjoying eachother, and the Wii.

This is the Coastal Nest den. The poor sofa has seen its better day, If you can believe, my children have straight worn the ticking stripe OFF in places. OY!
I do love love me some excellent Coastal Nest--low brow, bottom drawer humor of the den artwork. Smoking and drinking bicyclers...This room needs some help, but ususally it has kids-a-plenty lazing around. The most I am doing now is fluffing the pillows and febreezing the carpet from the fragrance of 13 year old boy feet.
Happy Sunday!!


Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Your den looks very cozy. Know whatcha mean about the boy feet, I have 11 and 13 year old stinky boy feet.

Laurie Anne said...

Happy Sunday, Lisa :0)

Kirsten said...

I am loving the digital nikon SLR I have and not loving the pocket size point and shoot Nikon I got for Christmas. I think the D40 is a great product for the money and if I had it to do over again would pass on the fancy Digital SLR and go for the more user friendly D40 which can do everything the fancy one can!

Glad you enjoyed the Crab Fest you lucky girl!

Sylvia said...

take it easy and have a great week...


Linda said...

Beautiful pics from around your COASTAL NEST!


simpledaisy said...

Your home looks PDC....pretty darn cute that is:)

Millie said...

My friend Rosemary over @ always has awesome pics, I think she's got info. on her sidebar about what camera she uses. Maybe worth a look. I don't mind your reruns at all!
Millie ^_^