Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shes like the wind....and her is 5~

Here she is, the little minute of a child, what I like to call her is my 40th birthday present. SUPRISE!!!
The best present EVER!! Look at that little smile on that face, and that perfect C-section apple head..GAH!!
Her with her brown eyes, and I with my blue...who would have ever guessed it?
Not mama. I always thought if I was ever going to have a little girl, she would look exactly like me, with blue eyes and blonde hair.

The sweetest girl on her First Birthday, with the chicken pox!!!
Not the momentus day for a party..
we still dressed in our outfit, tho..she wasnt thrilled..too itchy, mama!!


cherub faced, and chapped lipped..perfect at 5, dont you think?

Happiest 5th Birthday to my girl!
Heres to ballerina dreams and cupcake breakfasts..
I love you!


Just a little something from Judy said...

You are so right! She was a beautiful baby and she is gorgeous now! Her smile could light up a room. What joy she must bring you! Happy Birthday to her and I wish you and your family many more years of celebrating "her". It goes by so quickly.

vintage girl at heart said...

She is a sweetie pie!!
She is a doll with those chocolate eyes!
My youngest surprise had the pox on her first Birthday too.

Sarah said...

Her baby picture??? LOVE. You know? I have a boy out this way who will be 5 in February. A marriage could be arranged... they would be perfect!

Happy Birthday Sweets!!

Linda Lou said...

She is a spittin image of her beautiful mama-hope here birthday was grand... I know you did it up right for your special girl.

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

She is perfect, absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!
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Janean said...

you're so blessed, and i get the feeling she is too!

happy birthday to your little apple-head!