Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello and Happy Day!!!

We have been busy!  The cutest little ballerina...displaying her new talents for her winter audience.

The most excellent 7th grade percussion master...(not too excited, eh?)

But get him in front of an audience....

Finn had a great Christmas concert at school, and a fun Gingerman house to build in class. He asked his Mama to come with him.It was most excellent frosting and candy funnnn.

we had a great time decorating our beautiful Tree..

Time with family..(Hello brother and dad...)

me and my coworker extrordinaire...and little sis..

an excited youngster..

More excitement....

Ryan recieved a treasure from his poppy..

Santa was good to the little children....and he was very tired the next day. Dollhouse construction was daunting to the old man this year...he he..( I went to bed at 12..Santa, 1:30) Notice the red snare drum? We tricked the dear old eldest into thinking we only got him ONE drum....needless to say,the look was priceless when he saw the whole KIT in the dining room.
could someone tell me what we were thinking??

Here is "the reveal"

Poor Finn Patrick was VERY ill with a headache all day Christmas day, I think it was sinus..One thing it was was horrible for him. He asked daddy to open his presents while he did.....


This, however..
rock band, I am not sure I have laughed so much in my entire life. Have you played? Have you watched? Or listened? It is HyStErIcALLLL
Best gift of the season, besides the family stuff!!

Happy New Year!!!!

--didnt take me too long, now..did it?


Sarah said...

Aw Finn :( That picture breaks my heart :( Hope he got top feeling better soon. Your pictures are sop retty as always. Happy New Year McElliotts!!!

Nina Diane said...

thanks so much for sharing your pics...your family looks like they had so much fun. Hope Finn is all better......Happy New Year!

vintage girl at heart said...

Wonderful Family time..
... is that really your lil Sis???
Merry Merry Christmas..and playin' Santa sure gets harder every year!!!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Sounds like a great end to the year...well...except for poor little Finn.

Jen Kershner said...

Poor little guy! It sounds like you are enjoying your holiday. Happy New Year to you!