Sunday, November 22, 2009

A wreath tutorial, and how about 19 years of marriage people.. WOWZA!

Its no secret I am crazy, yes CRAZY about this man..Undoubtedly, he drives me crazy sometimes, but for the most part, our years together have been absolutely funfilled and very satisfying. Its a lively relationship we have and are mostly happy to crack eachother up at least 3 or 4 times a day. Just have a look at those beautiful smiling eyes. He looks so much like his Dad, I am craving the way his hair is turning white, CRAVE it! I really am not sure what I would do without him, my Mac Daddy.
Long story short...I love ya, to the moon and back baby...
Now, do you want to know how to amaze your friends and make your neighbors green with envy?
Get your boots on, lets go. To make things perfectly clear, these are my hubbys boots, not mine. But I knew you would really like to see me in them, so here they are..I know, not very attractive..oh well. Are you ready yet???

Go get one of these el- cheapo grapevine wreath bases and a little green paddle of wire..
I think the wreaths were about $5 at JoAnns, I bought 3 and some other miscellaneous stuff and wasnt paying attention to the $$.
Now you need some pretty leaves, or Holly, or cedar. Whatever you have in your shrubery outside..I find that this gorgeous huge leafy rhodedendron works just pefectly..clip away girl.. Please please do NOT pay any attentnion to my ugly MAN HAND in this photo..oy.. Actually these are not my hands..These are hands of a random over aged hand model. yes thats it..
Now that we have our ingredients we are on to the real meat and potatoes of the wreath making business..a little thing I like to call.....wait for it.....
wrapping the wreath. Fantastical, eh? Secure the wire to the backside of your wreath by simply making a sturdy knot. Make sure you can pull it tight.Wreath making is all about "tight" or "taut" if you want to use the fancy lingo..Now all you do is lay those pieces of cut greens on to your form and pull the wire around it. Lay another piece, pull the wire around it..remembering to keep it...TIGHT. Dont unwind the wire, keep it close to the wreath and short on slack. This will be much easier to work with. Trust me.
Once you get all the way around your form you should have a wonderful wreath to hang on your fence, over your mantle, give to your neighbor..whatevs....There isnt any magic to it, just remember to **put one down (stem of greens) and pull it around (green wire)**

  Steve and I were fortunate enough to have my Mom and Dad watch the kids overnight, so we escaped to the beach for a little alone time. We were thrilled to have a lovely candle-lit dinner together and a whole evening to ourselves.
-and we didnt even burn the little Coastal Nest down! We had a great time together laughing and talking and dancing. Pacific Beach has a local radio station out there that plays the best Saturday night music, lusty blues from all the greats. It was just what we needed. Outdoors were wild, windy and rainy, but inside, whoa baby.
Finished wreath, and OUR reasons for living. Heres to another 19!
Happy Wife-Happy Life
I love you SJMc!!


Maya said...

I'm only 6 years behind!! Lovely wreath..., and boots too! Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

vintage girl at heart said...

Happy Happy Life!!!
Love your images((stunning candlelight))and tips as always.
So nice that you and dear Hubby had such a nice and romantic getaway!!!
Have a wonderfully Blessed Thanksgiving!!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Awww. How fun to get off to the cottage for a little aniversary! We've got 2 years on ya...21 this year!

Just a little something from Judy said...

This is a "beyond cool" post! The wreath, the candles, the words, the celebration and the gorgeous picture on the mantel, in black and white. So beautifully done and so sweet of a tribute to your man. Congratulations on 19 years together!

MissBliss said...

awwe! congrats! I was enjoying candles and music Saturday night, too... very cute wreath!

MissBliss said...

cracking each other up is very important... ;)

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Congratulations! How great that you got to get away for a romantic night too.
Great photo of your kiddos too! We are at 17 and so need to get some cooler photos of our kids.
Keep smiling, and wishing you many many more years of cracking each other up.

Old Beach Bungalow said...

congratulations! you are awesome. and i love the wreath.

Millie said...

Gee it wasn't just my little old koala bears in the garden having a little bit of Barry White time if you know what I mean - happy anniversary to you both! You are so lucky Bob V. is a romantic - every time I turn the lights down low & light a few candles, MOTH heads straight out to the fuse box to see what's going on!!

Loved the wreath instructions Martha-Lisa. It's a bit spooky really as I only googled 'How to make a Laurel Leaf Christmas Wreath' yesterday & got a big fat zero. You are a star girl,thanks.
Millie ^_^

plo said...

What a beautiful post! Congrats! Love the wreath, problem is that there is nothing green left here! Here is to another 19 times 5!!!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!