Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There is this kind of scary..Awesome to look at and fun..A full moon on a dark dark night, lost in the middle of nowhere, because your boyfriend forgot to fill up the gasssss. Scary..

Then, there is always the crazy girl with the big knife scary, shiverrrrrrr..

My most un-savory scary..( ~~~I cant even look at it~~~ )
remember Steven Kings "the thing." lord almighty.

there is this kinda scary.
READER, please tell me what this mother is doing with all these babies?
~this is something else. Maybe she will steal away balloon boys daddy and have a REAL family..
Sorry. Too snarky?


Kirsten said...

Not snarky enough . . . it is good to see her excellent judgement skills also relate to halloween costumes! She and balloon Dad would appear to be a perfect match . . .

Just a little something from Judy said...

Happy Halloween to you too, my friend!

Maya said...

Wow..., that huge spider on that house is quite something!

vintage girl at heart said...

Aint it the truth!!! Sign of the times I guess and scarier than anything Alfred Hitchcock could have ever dreamed up!!!
I hope you and your sweet Goblins have a wonderful Howloweennnnnnnnnnnn!!

Linda Lou said...

Octo Mom and Balloon Dad - now there is a marriage made in h---!!
You are so funny, have a great and spooky Halloween Lisa!

Cynthia @An Accomplished Woman said...

Can't octo-mom just go away?

plo said...

I thought the clown was scary until saw Octo-pussy. Gross! Her and the balloon man, and John whatever his name is from John and Kate should start a commune! Happy Halloween girlfriend!