Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On the Hoquiam

Get your coat, we're going to the water front..Ah, don't take your coat its 85 degrees today.
This is the greatest little dock on the water, in downtown Hoquiam.

Scenic, don't you think?

The tug boats in the area dock here, once your up close, they are huge. These are the boats that maneuver all the ships into our harbor..
A couple of girlfriends, who just happen to be sisters that I know live in this cute cute place on pilings on the river. One, Royanne lives upstairs and Dinahsue and her husband live below. Could you imagine to wake up on the river like that. Heaven on earth.

I really don't know why I am such a water person. Strangest thing. Why are some people so drawn to certain things.

A question to ponder..What are you drawn to.

Inquiring minds want to know.....not really, but lets hear it.

Kidding, I really want to know.



WSU Laura said...
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WSU Laura said...

Let's try this again. Love that house and what a wonderful day to be on the waterfront. I am drawn to the beach. Don't like lakes and mountains - I want the salt air and sand.

Maya said...

It looks so idyllic. And you can't live much closer to the water!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I can understand you being drawn to the water. It is me I can't understand...what am I drawn to? I can be as easily drawn to the mountains, the streams, the peace and the quiet, as I am drawn to the water, the ocean, the beaches, the sun and the aromas of it all. So, there you go...a split personality, that's me.

These pictures are so real, I almost thought I smelled the sea. I cannot imagine how beautiful it would be to wake up that close to the water. Nice post!

plo said...

I too share your love of water! I would love to live there. I have always wanted to watercolor a scene similar to your photo's. xoxo

Susan said...

Anywhere by the ocean is perfect for me.

Nina Diane said...

I too am drawn to the water. I totally become so at peace when at the ocean or river

Janean said...

Water, even though I don't swim. I think we never tire of it b/c it's ever-changing and so naturally a part of us (being 70% water).
Those boats are so charming too.

debra said...

Great photos! What a wonderful place to live.

I am also a water person. Doesn't have to be the beach - any water will do. But there is nothing like the smells and sounds of the beach.

Jane said...

I was raised on a large lake...near the Gulf of Mexico. As much as I loved the lake, it was the salt air, sand and continuous motion of the water that always drew me...As much as I like the gulf, I am truly an Atlantic Ocean least in the northern part of the state (FL)where it is still fairly natural.

Jane (artfully graced)

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Oh how I love the water! What a wonderful place to call home. Thanks for the sweet comments~~~~

12 weeks at a time said...

I also love the water! Aren't we lucky to live where we live? I love seeing your pictures of places I've also been with my family and thoroughly enjoyed.

Linda Lou said...

Oh am I drawn to the water...grew up on Long Island, surrounded by water, spent summer days at the beach, now live a 10 minute walk from the beach, see the ocean every time i drive down the hill to my house...married to a man whose ancestors were fishermen, what is not to love!!

Millie said...

MOTH would move to this river house in a heartbeat! Me, well I'm a mountain girl. So maybe we could meet half-way.
Millie ^_^