Thursday, July 2, 2009

Low Tide.....totally.

Guess where I am? Ha if you have to guess.
Last week there was
I mean, waaaay low..lower than Johnny Cashs voice low.
almost a -3..
wow, whats that?
It means a great reason to take the camera and the mini peeps and
go goof off at the beach..
wanna see?
Here is the jetty..
((A jetty is a structure extending into a body of water, which protects a harbor or coastline from the effects of currents and tides.))
just in case my mid-land state reader(s) didn't know exactly what that was..
its a great excuse to go check out the "bottom of the jetty" and all that lives there..

I took this goof off.. along with his oldest best-est cousin Miles..
Hi Miles!! see him back there in his yellow sweatshirt?
These other two tagged along, too.

Here is the bottom part of the jetty..covered in lots of cool stinky ocean smelling stuff.

up close and personal..they are noisy chattering bubbling bi-valves..

hello real alive its not Patrick from the Sponge Bob fame..
although that's what all my mini peeps were calling them.

This is a whole family of them..under a rock.

this is how far we could walk..a long long long long long way out..

Hello Mr Crab, all nestled in your seaweed bed.

there you go.
another day in the life....
what did you do today?
Happy almost 4Th~
Coastal Nest


Cutzi said...

Ohhhhh.... I am so jealous! What fun for the kids! Wish I was there!

Maya said...

Looks like driftwood paradise!

Julie said...

I saw it on the news (after it was too late). People were finding all kinds of amazing things - wish we had been able to enjoy it!

Rochelle said...

Looks like great times at the Coastal Nest....what a life!

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Great photos! On the Gulf Coast of Florida,we have - low tides but we aren't lucky enough to have tidal pools like that!Looks like you are livin' the dream!

Sarah said...

I so want to move out there. Love, no adore, the ocean!

Courtney said...

What a lovely ocean-side day!

Linda Lou said...

Never made it to your side of Washington with the amazing shoreline and LOW tide...looks like a fun place for everyone to explore....we still have July gloom here in SD but we will be barbecuing and celebrating the 4th in style!

Hedy King said...

Thanks for the trip, it was almost like being there.

Michelle said...

I love the ocean. Even that stinky ocean smell.