Monday, June 29, 2009

The thing about my life...

Kodak easy share...hmph...
it is proving to be a little more than a normal average American girl (who is NOT a techie) can handle. 3 nights ago, I was on "online chat" with a "person" named
JORDAIN..from who knows where..although this person had a very pleasing attitude, and was very willing to help me with my "most unappealing problem" the person really didn't help me a bit..Kodak easy share has my photos..locked in the space and time continum..whatever..I can see them for about 2 seconds..then..POOF..kodak has experienced a problem and needs to shut down. after 4 hours..I was EXHAUSTED.. and fuming..
Anyway..back to what I was getting at.
the thing about my life, yes...

Here is my red headed self a couple of years ago at Christmas with the 2ND most excellent surprise in my whole entire life..and hes got blue eyes just like me.

This little dumpling..she is wearing my dress. My daddy bought this for me when he was very very far away from me on my first birthday. (fighting a war, he was) I still have the note he wrote me..and this beautiful little dress..she wore it for her grandpa at Christmas a couple years ago..

The number one son..growing at rapid fire pace..more than I care to admit..
The little peeps and their "Big-bad-dad"
A summer birthday party
the little nugget and her mama..
and the even littler nugget with her, oh my goodness, even blonder mama..

Anyway..the thing about my life.
Its just about the best life a girl could ever wish for..
Thank you, family!!
Rich in love-
coastal nest


Sarah said...

Aw! More! More! MOre! I loved looking at these! You kids are adorable! I can't wait to meet you all one day!

Simply Dandy said...

I think you are bubbling with personality and I only wish we could meet in person someday. We could probably so some serious thrifting...LOL! Have a wonderful day with your beautiful family.


Just a little something from Judy said...

Wow! If only more women could say that and mean it like you did. It is refreshing and encouraging to find other women who truly do enjoy their families like I do. What fun to see each of your adorable children and you...with each hair color. I don't know which is my favorite. Each one looks good on you. Hope you find those floating photos someday. I certainly am NOT the one to help you, since some of mine are out there floating also.

MissBliss said...


Made my heart smile...
what love... I feel that for the "surprises" in my life, my sister's two children, age 8 and 5, a nephew and niece... What happy additions to our lives, now they just want cousins!!! Wish us luck!

abeachcottage said...

oh wow what little treasures they all are for sure, oh the nugget, making my hear sing, I lurve babbas...


Martha said...

Those are great photos! And what a great post! Your kiddos are nummy!


Millie said...

Oh Lisa, I got a little teary reading this, must be still in my post-anaesthesia phase! Gorgeous pics of your gorgeous family. Nice to see someone else likes to mess with the hair colour chart - I reckon it keeps our Darlings on their toes!
Millie ^_^

Miles! :) said...

In the summer birthday picture with the kids and their dad, im the kid in the brown shirt and orange pants sticking out my arms!(: