Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey, Lisa--Whats new at Grand Heron?

Feel like a little window shopping?
Shall we go down to Grand Heron?
Here are some gorgeous new things...

This cute clock is a French magnet board and a chalk board..tres chic..

How about a little texture?

Recycled sailboat sail cute..

Love these gourds stained, also the bamboo boxes and the great wooden beads..

a little seashore, for you beach chicks..

and more recycled sail pieces..
Let me know if you need a price on something, we can ship!
Or, better yet..come on down~
Grand Heron
114 East Heron Street
Aberdeen WA
have a great weekend!


Amy said...

Hey Hon, How much are the canvas bags and just out of curiosity how much is the ottoman?

Anonymous said...

Ok I am drooling now...wish I could hop in the car...if I could I'd be right over, however, I think Ohio is a tad more than a day's drive...LOL! Gorgeous gorgeous things!


Miles! :) said...

:) I love the grand heron. go there almost every Saturday. haha

me and jake drove our bikes past your house yesterday around 5;30. ryan was inside. we waved:)

Millie said...

Loving those nautical number throw cushions Lisa - wish Grand Heron wasn't 12,000 miles & about US$4,000 away! Happy weekend to you Mate.
Millie ^_^

An Accomplished Woman said...


Everything looks so pretty. I want one of those sail bags too.... How much?


kSbl said...

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Anonymous said...

those striped pillows are gorgeous!