Monday, June 15, 2009

A dinner for 2+..

This handsome dude is so multi-talented..Have I ever told you that?
I should gloat, but. One of my other favorite things he does is cook.
Barbeque, to be exact.

His salmon is TO DIE photo :(

nothing quite like a little roasted garlic and french bread to add to the aroma of the evening.
The wine is just a silly prop.. (hmmm)

What is my deal with the food photos, lately? This blog is getting BORING!!!
Hope everyone is enjoying the pleasures of the gorgeous weather..
and the "almost" having children home for the summer..
4 1/2 days here...
Happy Monday..


Amy said...

No, your blog is so not getting boring! We love food! Hurray for hubbies who cook! Mine does a wonderful stirfry.

Sarah said...

MMMMMM. Gotta love that Villa!

Beach House Dreamer said...

Love the idea of tomatoes on a skewer. Never thought of that!

vintage at heart said...

YUM!!! You have a perfect Family life there at Coastal Nest.. never boring... keep that food bloggin' coming!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Let me set you straight...when one does not live anywhere near the beach, one always loves seeing any photos from those who do live near to it. I never think your posts are boring. I would like to know the recipe for salmon, from the handsome guy pictured, who you said made it(or is it a secret family recipe?)

An Accomplished Woman said...

Your husband is awesome. Love it....


heidi said...

ah no photo of the salmon just means it was so good you couldn't stop for a photo...just a bigger compliment to the chef.

Millie said...

Absolutely confirms his star status. Is there anything this man can't do?
Millie ^_^