Sunday, May 31, 2009

A new island and a great find from the sea...

Hi everyone! I hope very much that you all had an excellent weekend. We were a busy 5-some, to say the least. Friday after work we headed out to the beach to take advantage of a great "sunny" weekend..well.. "sunny" with a side of fog, is more like it..
It was great, if it was foggy for ten minutes, the next ten were know, the onshore flow, well it was alive and well out at Pacific Beach this weekend..No worries, we had a great time.
My sweet father made me a kitchen island last week for the Coastal Nest, it turned out, shall I say-puuuuurfectly. Hes so awesome..Thank you so much dad. Your a great man to have around!
I painted it the same color of the walls, its got one shelf inside and great Swedish finish top and interior..I embellished the brackets with some little starfish I had, so cute!!!
Now this piece of wood we found last year on the beach..waterlogged from, well, you know..being in the SEA..Immediately when I saw it I knew what I wanted to do with it, but..some man (BV) has just tons and tons of "honey-do" projects on his ever-growing handyman list of his. So, I just put it in the garage at home for a few seasons..guess what, I found it--and grabbed it, threw it in the back of BobVilas truck and we "up-cycled" my piece of drift wood this weekend.
Not to shabby, eh?

The bar stools are a gift from a friend of mine that does repo trash-outs for a few Real Estate businesses, and banks, in town. I went over to thewalmarts and got one of those VERY inexpensive rugs that are made from, like nylon remnants..super cheap seat cover, while I was there I also picked up one of their ultra expensive 3 dollar pillows, actually I bought two, cut them down and made "cush for the tush" so, there's the newest little project.

Heres the end result!
Don't mind the bottle of was just a "prop"
Happy Monday, y'all.
what did you do this weekend?


Michelle said...

Ooh, I love the island, and I love your up-cycled candle holder!

P.S. How was that "prop" bottle of wine?

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

It all looks so charming! Love the idea for the rugs on the stools! Clever, clever girl!

Three Dancing Magpies said...

How lucky can one clever girl be? Love the Island (and your Dad) and then to have handy BV . . . you really are living the dream! Looks great and I am guessing the wine was good too!

Ann said...

Such nice projects...Oh you get to do what I wanted to ... go to a beach and have some fun and relax.

Your candle holder is so charming.

Linda Lou said...

Adorable look for the coastal nest, I noticed the wine bottle immediately, gee what do I have on my mind....speaking of finds...I scoured Craigs List and found an Anderson 6 X 8 French door that we are gonna install in our dining room --$500.00, as opposed to $2,300 retail price---yeah, love those deals!!

Kat said...

Lisa the island is perfect! Great idea for the waterlogged driftwood.
ummm by the way your prop is empty.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Sounds like you sure had a fun weekend. Your dad and your husband are loaded with talent, not to mention you are too. The island looks so good. I love how you all did it. I am just amazed at your creativity. A weekend at the beach sounds too good to be true about now. Thanks for is inspiring!

Suzy said...

Oooohhh I love the island. You're so lucky to have a dad that does that sort of stuff! Every dad has his own gifts I suppose....

Enjoy the beach my west coast friend!

debra said...

Love the island and drift wood candle holder.

Timi said...

Handy Dads are the best!
What a fantastic little make over. Love it all! Now when I'm at the beach I'm going to be looking for the "perfect" piece of wood.


Miles! :) said...

Propps!?! :) suuuuuuure:)

we neeed to go see that new movie... Land of the Lost! all the family can come!! :)

well off to jakes REACH night, :)

vintage at heart said...

Gosh everytime I come over here to visit I just wanted scratch everything here and start all over plus I REALLY miss the Beach so I live vicariously thru yours!!! I love your island and that drift wood redo!!!! LOVE it!!! The colors today are so soothing!!!! I can almost feel the sand on my feet and that crisp ocean air...ahhhh!!! Perfect Nest girl!!!
(oh yeah your menfolk have some mas talents)

vintage at heart said...

....ooooppps meant mad talents!:)

Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen and I love your island. Adding you to my blogroll.


Maya@Completely Coastal said...

The driftwood piece with the candles is awesome!

kSbl said...

I love love the bar stools and the up-cycled candle holder!

Very inventive.

Love the colors of this room! Gorgeous.

Millie said...

The man's a genius - yes! Love the ambiance you've created Lisa, makes me want to sidle right up to that island bench, pull up a chair & order a Lime Margarhita.
Millie ^_^