Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can a sista get a hell yea!?!

Well, It looks like you all made out alright without me whilst I was on holiday.
The little Coastal Nest family had a very nice respite..
The second leg of the sabbatical took us to our cottage at "our" beach, where, you gals, we had a cozily terrific time together.
It mostly rained and poured, we waited around a little bit and then the weather decided to
blow and snow. OY! Its been a spring break to remember.
We are now home, and enjoying the gas fireplace and the cozy sofa..

Here are the drop cloth curtains if you were wondering about them at all. Still looking fact, I love them a whole bunch.

The Coastal Nest is experiencing a run of great fortune in the Vacation Rental Pool. We are truly blessed to say that the idea of renting this little diamond out has proved to be a wondrous thing. Instead of us (me) wringing my hands with the thought of foreclosure we are happy to make vacation dreams come true for people on a smaller vacation budget and giddy when the opportunity lets me make the mortgage payments to boot.

Cozy, no?

Anyway, if your within driving distance..and want a great Relaxing time come on out!
We'd love to have you!


Cutzi said...

Oh how I would love to head on out to the beach!! But alas, our baby budget is not allowing it at this particular time. Perhaps after little Xochi arrives... by then we'll really need a break, I'm sure!! I'll give ya a shout!

Michelle said...

It looks absolutely perfect. I've been thinking about booking your cottage for our anniversary this year, but I haven't seen my husband much lately to talk about it. After all of this work, I deserve a getaway!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Oh, do I wish I was within driving distance. do take people within flying distance, don't you??

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Oh how I love that beach cottage. I am there next year, girl. I have already informed my husband it is going on the calendar!!!
P.S.~ I missed you!!!

Amy said...

And I so wanted to talk to you about renting this summer! When we drive up to Seattle from Tillamook we really need to stay overnight and I don't want to stay in the city because my guests will want to beach. (Honey, Tillamook is 5 minutes from the beach.) Let me get my schedule together and set up a date! Woo-hoo!

Hedy King said...

I love the look of your Coastal Nest and attempted to book for May when we fly cross country for a wedding, but someone beat me to those dates. Hopefully my husband will love the NW so much he will want to return.

Jen Kershner said...

Oh how I wish I could come rent your cozy coastal nest. It all looks beautiful. You are amazing! I'm glad you are making it work for you!

Cher said...

Cozy, YES! And I absolutely love the blue and pink cabinet and the wondrous shell box!

The Texas Woman

Sarah said...

Someday the Fortners WILL visit the Coastal Nest. You have my word.

Mrs. Jones said...

It's gorgeous! Well done, and I wish I could stay there. I'm happy for ya', girl.