Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Spring Baby...

Here she is
As beautiful as can beeee
my little sister
sweet, sweet Mary...
Same Mommy same Daddy
same Brother same home
growing up in our house we were
never alone.
This sweet toe head got all the attention
not from the oldest, thats me,
..should I mention..?
The shy non talker she was as a child
has come into her own now
-just a wee bit wild.
Shes a beauty my Mary a sister so dear,
I love her so much..I hope that is clear.
A girl like you deserves nothing but delight
I love ya little sister
with all of my might!
You and I are good sisters, a nice bond, dont you see..
I am so happy that Mom had you and me!
Happy Birthday!!
Big Sista, Coastal Nest


Sarah said...

Aw, what a sweet tribute! She's a looker like her sister!

~~Vintage Girl At Heart~~ said...

Oh girl you make me tear up with your sweet poem!!!! Happy Day to Mary and what a wonderful bond you two share!!!!

PLO said...

you are a poet, that much is true,
I would be happy to be the sister of you.

Happy Birthday Spring Baby sister!

PLO said...

(PS): We are so going to Forks!

Just a little something from Judy said...

So you are artistic, creative and a poet...what next? Kind tribute to your sister. Happy Birthday to her! Hope you have a good weekend.

Linda Lou said...

Your sister is as pretty as you Lisa - and my sister Lisa is a special gal too! Happy Birthday to your sis!