Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The need to spread ones wings...

The Coastal Nest is trying to ignore it..
but she thinks the buzzz is getting louder and louder..
the buzz comes with an mp3 player, size 10 feet and sometimes, a roll of the eyes..
The buzz I am speaking of is 12. He is starting to get pimples and underarm hair...
The buzz wants his OWN room, MOM!!sheesh (buzz does the eyeroll)
He is sharing with his 5 year old brother, who by the way...is INTO ALL MY STUFF!!
insert another eye roll here. and a really longwinded SHEEEEEEEESH, MOM!!!
The problem is, the coastal nest is only a 3 bedroom antique house.
what is a family to do?
we do have a smallish TV room downstairs, well, its more like the Wii room. So if the parents of said buzz were to move downstairs to the smallish TV room that is just off the front door, mind you..Where would the Wii room be? In the poor parents room? I think not, in the living room? I think not.In buzz's room?--NO WAY.
I know, get rid of the frickin wii!!!
the Coastal Nest is wanting to give the buzz his privacy, because we ALL know what that meant to us at that tender age..but...
I know some of you have crossed this bridge before this mother.
who has any sage advice about any of this?
ANyone.. anyone.. some assistance?
Please dont say move to a 4 bedroom.
thanks for listening and please let me know what you think!!
deposit your comments..
right here!


Cutzi said...

Grrrr.... I just left a whole long post and it wouldn't go through... I hate that.

Basically, what I said was: from a girl who never had to share her room and then got married, my advice is to leave them together. The valuable lessons they learn cannot be underestimated: patience, understanding, boundaries, learning to settle differences, learning to have grace, to serve one another, to compromise, to work with someone of a different age and experience, to fall asleep with someone making noise beside you.... all things I wish I would have learned earlier. I'm certainly not of the "kids should share everything" mind set. He should definitely have his own space that is off limits to the other kids - a desk, a bookshelf, whatever. But trust me, his wife will thank you. Just ask Justin. ;-)

(that doesn't sound nearly as eloquent as what I first wrote. Ah well)

Thinking of you this morning as we're headed to library time!

Cutzi said...

OH! And I ADORE those little built in bunks in that picture. How cute are they!! That's just what I want for my kiddos some day.

Becka said...

We can not give our children the things we do not have.
My advice is to send him on a charitable trip to a third world country.

It will change his perspective on life, space, and privacy. It will also give him the chance to make difference in a world that has much less of those things than he does.

I shared a room with my sister until I was married (we roomed during college). Most of the time we even had to share a full sized bed. I griped at the time, and longed for my own room, but now I am very grateful to the time I spent sharing a room.

Especially after I have seen entire families living in a single room.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

The post above is true...although after sharing with his TWO younger brothers...it was really nice for our oldest to have a bit of breathing space. That said...his TWO younger brothers still share...and are kinda done with it.

Can He move into the Wii room? and put the wii in a charming little basket in the living room??

Just thinkin' out loud for ya.

Linda Lou said...

Having 2 girls who always had their own rooms, I can't relate, but sometimes we all have to sacrifice, maybe let him have the basement, but curtail the Wii, do you have a garage that can be a wii set-up? He will be a teenager soon so he does need his own space, its a tough one Lisa, but you are a resourceful girl, you will figure it out!

lc oneill said...

Becky and I shared a whole upstairs for years (by upstairs I mean that 1/2 floor where if you don't stand in the middle you hit your head!). One year just before Christmas we spent the day away shopping with Mom and returned home to find Dad had built a wall right down the middle! It had shelves on both sides and created a room for each of us. Not total privacy, but much better than one room. Don't know if this sort of thing is an option in your lovely home, but just my experience. Let us know what you decide... Hey, Becky has plenty of space and I'm sure could use a roomer :)

An Accomplished Woman said...

First, I love your bunk beds. Secondly, I am sorry your boy is growing up. They are so cute when they are young. Can't you put a brick on him and stop it? Hmmm, that is a tough one. I would give it some time. He is heading into teenage years and if you give it to him now, what would he have to look forward to?

I will be praying for you....teenagers!! You are in for some exciting times.


Miles! :) said...

What if--

---You move the two lil kids into Ryskieroo's old room. And put Ryskieroo into Rea's room!?! just a thought.

Or move the Wii into Rea's room..., move Rea into the older 2 kids room, and have Ryskieroo down in the old Wii/TV room?

just another thought...tell me what ya choose! :)

Cote de Texas said...

they grow up! sad to say. Mine is 17 now.

I always wanted a sister to share a room with - I got two step ones when I was 14 and loved sharing a room!!! it's all perspective I guess.

Michelle said...

There are seven years between my little sister and me, and we never had to share a room. Thank God. We get along great now, but I remember those times when she desperately wanted to get into my room and I desperately wanted her to stay out. Being able to keep her out of my room when I needed space meant that when my emotions and hormones settled down, we could hang out together with a bit more civility. Teenage years are rough; having a place, no matter how small, where things are as you left them and you can close the door and be alone is priceless. My mom always thought I'd never be able to get married because I had what she called "space issues", but I've never felt the need to lock my husband out of any room yet ;)

Timi said...

Tent out back? Move an old trailer in to the drive way? Blue tarps?

I don't know???? I have a dog!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the standard of living in Third World countries is REALLY different and certainly needs improvement, but.....That doesn't mean that a teenaged boy in the U.S. doesn't need his own space. Isn't that part of the 'Great American Dream'? Isn't that why we encourage education and 'upgrades' in Third World Countries..., so they can raise their children with the same luxuries we give to ours? Education, good health care, privacy (just to name a very few). Your son will probably appreciate even the smallest room if it affords him a sense of privacy. Little brother is still gonna 'get into his stuff' regardless!
ps I have two teenaged daughters, each with their own bedrooms and bathrooms and they still complain. Go figure!

Millie said...

I hear you Lise - as the Mum of 5 males, or our 5 mutants as their father so lovingly refers to them as, here's my take!

The 3 younger boys shared a big room for the entire time they lived at home. 2 of those said offspring now share a house together as 20 something's. The 3 eldest live interstate, but are always coming back for weekends, & guess where they stay - at Party Central & believe me the 5 of them together are a force to be reckoned with!

They are as close as peas in a pod & they're happy & it makes their parents happy, to see them so tight still. Yours will be the same, even with the age gap. Family is Numero Uno - I had a separate room to my sister & we haven't spoken in 14 years! Keep them together!
Millie ^_^