Monday, March 16, 2009

Kitchen porn...a laundry room update and ...a nice library desk..

Wouldnt I know that title would catch you..
Yep, I'm no longer living in the land of the powdered sugar donut that is my house..

For those of you that have been following this sorry blog for a while, the dust is near completely vanished from said property. Please note..near completely.

I am dust as the wind blows..


Anyway, I thought, since things were sparkly and shiny bright, now would be a nice time to take a few "skin shots"

really let it all hang out and let you see the natural me.

Hot, eh??

maybe you better look away... Oh, forget it..Its not that hot. Its just totally..normal and everyday.
Alright..its too boring to look at..shall we move on?
one more..

Oh, and then theres this..

my $30estate sale find. Cute little library table. Even in pale yellow! I had to peel the top piece of veneer off, it was wrecked with water damage. What was underneath is ten times better than that stupid veneer. Ill run the sander across her a couple of times and...voila!!
perfection.--near perfection anyway.

Here is the sorry state of the laundry room. Well, its actually getting better, no?
Kind of a robins egg thinks its ..Frenchbleu..These long strips of wood are going to go on the ceiling, they have had their edges routered and have been "ripped" down. This kind of installation was cheaper than wainscoting..just a little more time consuming.--and it was very wet wood-Thanks Home Depot! So, we must let it dry out before going ahead and applying it (you know,'ll get ya every time.)
Anyway, between


breakfast dishes

lunches packed

a little blogging




a little facebooking

kid carting





and snapping a few shots

....This is my life....



Judge me not.


coastal nest


Julie said...

I was going to tell you how much I like the second picture (which I do), but the table... OMG - I LOVE it!!!!!! I am green with envy!!!

Millie said...

Lots of lovely things here Lise. Firstly thanks for featuring 'M' for Millie on the window sill. Secondly, what a find the library table was - it's going to look fantastic once it's received the Lisa treatment. Last but not least, your Laundry is looking truly awesome - a big high five! Glad you've named & shamed Home Depot - very shabby customer service I say.
Millie ^_^

Martha said...


Those shots of the white dishes were a little naughty.

Jen Kershner said...

Your laundry room is so much bigger than mine lucky girl. I can't wait to see what you do with it as everything you do is fab! Love your house porn!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Everything looks AMAZING. Love that table!! Laundry!

Sarah said...

The porn was wonderful! Love the white. Great little table! I cannot wait for garage sale season here...soooon! BV is one talented dude...great color you've picked!

Anonymous said...

What color is your laundry room? I love it!

An Accomplished Woman said...

How did you get all those beautiful dishes? They are gorgeous and your laundry room is sooooo pretty.


Janet said...

My my....what exposure! I love the laundry room color - same as my kitchen:) I have planked my kitchen ceiling as well - hmmmm great minds think alike!
I love your look!

Diane said...

You are a riot!!!!! Kitchen porn :O! We got some wet wood at Lowe's for a kitchen re-do...feel yer pain! We also used it as "cheap" wainscoting... It really does the trick!
Your photos, of Ireland are stunning!

Linda Lou said...

Love that table Lisa!! The laundry room is great, love that blue color, can't wait to see the finished project BV comes up with!

Linda Lou said...

Love that table Lisa!! The laundry room is great, love that blue color, can't wait to see the finished project BV comes up with!

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Oh how I love looking at those kitchens pics, I never get tired I could look at them all day long. When I see those pics I want to get up and decorate~~
On another note can I say jealous
A laundry room like that and then that table!!!!