Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday up there.....

February 24th--Today, it is your birthday, Melissa Ann.
I knew you would have loved it out at the beach, so I took your picture with me, a the end of the summer I brought it home, I didn't want you to be out there smiling that lovely smile all by yourself, so your picture is back at home with me, on my piano.I love that last photo of you. A beautiful smile and the tilt of the head. Vintage Missy.
I see you in the oddest places. Mostly where we have spent allot of time. At campfires with my people all around me..You are there. Sitting right beside me.

Celebrating a fun 4Th of July, you are there, right beside me..Whispers and winks, warm breezes and cold snowfalls. The beautiful sunsets and the cold clear nights with the stars twinkling above us..I know your around.

I bought this little dragonfly to take to the cemetery one day, and immediately thought that you would prefer me to take it out to the beach, Instead, I bought 2, one for me and one for your spot. so here I stuck mine, in our window box.
I miss you and wish you were here with me every day. I hope that you can see all of us, I hope that you can remember all of the love and fun and life that we had while you were here.
Your children are growing up beautifully, your husband, I think, still misses you desperately, even though he is remarried.
His wife is an angel to your kids. Its so hard for me to see them, even now. after all these years.Ty is very smart and a little gentleman, he loves sports and hunting with his daddy. Erin is a little girl that has grown to love pink, if you can believe that. They are ADORABLE.

Mostly, I miss that you didn't get to meet my little people Steve and I had after you died.
Finn and Reagan hear allot about their Teta Missy. Reagan has your beautiful brown eyes and Finn has your mischief.

Me, I still have an empty heart and a place tucked safely away, deep in my soul for my treasured thoughts and deep love for a girlfriend snatched away, waaaay too soon....

Happy Birthday up there!


Cutzi said...

What a blessing that you had such a wonderful and special friend. They are a rare treasure, for sure.

I guess I have been around for a couple of these birthdays and anniversaries - my heart is saddened for you every time. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Martha said...

I second what Cutzi said. I feel a genuine sorrow for you around Missy's Birthday.

Luckily, she'll always be watching over you.


Linda Lou said...

I don't know your friend Missy, but I think she is missing you up there as much as you are missing her-what a sweet touching story you shared.

Three Dancing Magpies said...

I am crying reading your words about Missy . . . then I remember all the trouble and fun you two had and my tears are turning to laughter. The two of you were and still are a force to be in awe of . . . and I am.

Love you and the wonderful person you are!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Awww. To beautiful bittersweet life.

Very touching post.

Just a little something from Judy said...

My heart was saddened today when I read about your dear friend. It must be painful to go through this weekend thinking so much about her. It was so kind all that you shared about her and what she meant to you.

Michelle said...

I couldn't say it any better than what has already been said here. My thoughts are with you.

Millie said...

Such a loving & heartfelt tribute to your sweet friend Lisa. Down Under we'd say she was your best mate, & best mates are always there for each, love one another unconditionally & are never parted. Missy's still with you & always will be.
Millie ^_^