Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A sign of the times..alley style

Years ago, when this town was a "going concern" There were stores everywhere- with merchants to sell you anything your heart desired on every corner. Even the alley walls were filled with great detail. Some still bear the long lost past of the original store name. This rental we are in was named the Golden Rule. Mens furnishings.

Here is today's look. Hmmmm. Not the most ascetically pleasing.Not at all.

Hey, hi girlfriends! Heres Mom and Mary and the little manager in training!

Shall we go on in and see whats new?

Hello, little manager girl. Could you show me around this decadant store youve got here?

"Oh, mama, you know whats in here!!"

These big knots weight a ton. Doorstops-just in..$42. Darling topiary trees, also. Cannot remember the price, sorry

Excellent- beachy style coffee table. Horses.

This fun red leather chair is like an old bus seat, kind of a chair and a half. Sooo cute.

Wonderful, fragrant and absolutely to die for pinecones. ( Im sure these will sell well through the holiday.) As if Im already talking holiday. Its coming up, sisters!! Love love totally love that darling anne selke, of pinecone hill fame. Her rugs are best. So easy to care for and the colors are nummy..

New rainforest print, no glass on canvas. Moss balls. (love)

Is this not drama to the 9th degree. Just take a look. My mom really knows how to put things together. This shop is such a treat.

Shes good...reeeeeeeeeal good. Love ya mom!

The shop will be ready for the Autumn season this weekend..

Stop by! We would love to see you.


Cottage Magpie said...

Beautiful! Your whole family is talented! I'm sooooo jealous!
~Angela :-)

Kat said...

OMG...Im in love with those pinecones! Are they scented?
Im also wanting those starfish...yes I need a couple of those.

Anonymous said...

I love your inspiring blog!
Denise Nantasket Beach ,Mass.

Linda Lou said...

Can your Mom come down here and fix up my house to look so great??

Bristol said...

Lovin the looks of that pretty shop. And that little cutie~ Y'all look like you have a blast.

Sarah said...

Look at that sweet lil thang!! She is a good mix you you and the BV for sure! Love the store. Love it.

PLO said...

Please send me 600 moss balls. I said moss balls...ha ha. Hey! I like the skulls on the wall! Your Mommy is a goddess, like my Mommy. Loves ya!


I wished i lived closer so i could shop at the store.. How about you start selling things on line..oh Please!! Just a thought... Love to look at your blog..Toni

Traceytreasure said...

I want some knot balls!! I love the knot balls!! The store is so beautiful!! Your little Princess is adorable. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom!! I love that store!! If I win the Lottery, I want to move in!! :)

Jack said to say thanks for the pat, pat!!
Hugs and love, T

Martha said...

I'm with Farmhouse should sell things online.

I'll take some moss balls, the topiary, the whole freakin' shop and a doorstop.

Cute little manager you have there! I could just take a bite out of that little sweetie!


Mrs. Jones said...

What a beautiful shop! I wish I could go there. Beautiful family, too!