Monday, October 6, 2008

Give me 10 minutes


ROXY said...

Hey girlfriend! Interesting video. Do you happen know who produced it? Take care:)

Cottage Magpie said...

Very interesting. For what it's worth, I usually filter everything political through, which is a non-partisan fact checking organization. They have covered this topic pretty thoroughly (if you want to see: They've got some good stuff on the V.P. debates, too.
~Angela :-)

Sarah said...

McCain has had my vote from the beginning.

debra said...

Hi Lisa,

Wanted to let you know that I got the McCain Palin banner thingy from They have a 'store' and I just copied and saved one of the signs from there and added it to my sidebar. Glad you like it! :)
Have a great day.

Timi said...

Well isn't that interesting? Thank you for that. I'll admit I'm a fence sitter. I'm going to check out the other site that Angela sent you too. It's time to get an opinion!
We all know what happens to fence sitters...........they get slivers in their ass! :-)

Mrs. Jones said...

I will have to say "no comment" on this one. ;-)


Traceytreasure said...

I saw this video on another blog and it made me realize that I DO need to vote this year.
I sure hope my vote makes a difference!!

Great video!! I'm glad you posted it!!


Susan said...

My problem is: I really am not enthused about either candidate. I haven't felt like anyone good has run since Bobby Kennedy.

Anonymous said...