Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Asian Pear Harvest

This, dear readers, is a few photos from a year ago..Unfortunately the asian pears on our trees were tasteless, bland, mealy and just downright, well un interesting. So guess what happened..
We decided to take them to the Farmers Market here in our little town..a giant truckload of asian pears. and I mean the Villamobile was FULL..Arent they just gorgeous?
Isnt he just gorgeous? Paula, dont answer little..
They photographed so well, but even a good photo only goes skin deep..
sorry you were so bland, I could have canned you and passed you out to all my coastal nest readers for a very nice home made suprise. But then, you wouldnt be reading this now..
On account on I would be blamed for being a bad cook..which I am not..
bye bye tasteless pear.. your beauty is only skin deep.
Unlike my tasteful readers..


Martha said...

Dang, girl!

I was looking forward to some Coastal Nest Asian Pear Butter :)


Linda Lou said...

At least you can grow something, my first harvest of tomatoes this summer are rotting on the bottom of each one-WHAT GIVES!!!!

Barbara Jacksier said...

I love your 'ode to a tasteless pear. It was a bad year in my garden as the critters got so bad, I had to pick everything (pears, peaches, apples) before they were fully ripe or tasty. Lots of sauces and pies but few good enough for the lunch box. I feel your pain.

Michelle said...

So pretty! Too bad they're not delicious.

Traceytreasure said...

They sure are beautiful!!

Sorry they don't taste good!

Hope you have yourself a beautiful and fun weekend!!

Big hugs, :)

Kat said...

Hi Lisa!
We came back from vacation a tad I had to check in here. Those Asian Pears sure look bad they didnt taste as good as they look. BV looks right at home in that tree.

Sarah said...

Ohh they are pretty in a picture!! You Coastal Nesters are ALWAYS busy doin' somethin'!!

PLO said...

You little smart ass. I love you. I would take you over BV anyday...and that is saying a LOT! Who cares about the freaking pears...look at that man in the tree! You will have to look at both my blogs, as I have a split personality and posted on both. Did I mention to you how nice BV looks in that tree?

Mrs. G. said...

What a haul. Happy back to school for the kiddies.