Saturday, June 21, 2008

Its wild around here lately...

We have been busy..
its been crazy wild with the end of the year school activities.
Ill give you a hint....Its not your ordinary house cat... nor your ordinary run of the mill foilage...
Oh yes..
Field trip to the
Point Defiance Zoooooo!!!
With about 60 5th graders

I think I liked the grounds better than the animals-(at the zoo, not on the busssss)

Madrona Trees, a favorite of mine. They loose their bark in the summertime and reveal the best red skin. They are found around the pacific northwest mostly by the Puget Sound, or a large waterway...

The best thing in my life (or at least one of them) is 11 now.
Sixth grade..SIXTH GRADE..? WHAAAA..
how did that happen?

The aquarium is one of my favorite stops here at the zoo.

Seems fitting to have taken this picture.. My boy got the big mouth award from his Teacher this year..

She said the boy is something else..

"Most of the time Ryan seems to be not paying attention in class, but when called upon, he always has the right answer for me. I have greatly enjoyed having him in my class this year, he is smart and capable and has a wicked sense of humor."

That was Mrs Ps comments on eldests report card.

What else can a mommy ask for. Especially the wicked sense of humor part.

As you can see, using that humor on pink sweatshirt girl..

But, can still handle a mommy son photo in front of all his class mates.

I love you and your orange pop moustashe~~

You make me soooo proud!

Congratulations on your achievement of the 5th Grade!!




Laurie Anne said...

We love that zoo. We go every couple of months. We also have a couple "JAWS" photo ops as well. Glad you guys had a nice day to enjoy it :0)

Sarah said...

Fun! I take my second graders to the zoo at the end of the year too. Such a great way to wrap up the year. I love that you have a Ryan too :) HE sure is a cutie, you must be so proud of him :)

OH and you have to be a brave soul to ride the bus on a field trip, yes, very brave.


What a great photo of you two!!!! The zoo trip looks like fun!!!
..and that room below is amazing!!!!! Love it!!
Happy Summer!!

TraceyTreasure said...

Hey Lisa, you do know that sense of humors are inherited, right? Ha ha! Sounds like you had a great time with some awesome kids, one in particular!!
I heard from Paula last week. I told her she had better get in touch with you fast. Did you hear from her? E-mail me and I'll give you the scoop! Hugs and love, T

Laurie Anne said...

hey Lisa,
I've given you an award, pop over for the details :0)

Martha said...

Oh yes.

We all know where that handsome 6 grader got his sense of humor!

Is Bob Vila as funny as you are?


Mrs. Jones said...

Hey, girlie! Thanks for stopping by my neglected, lonely blog. That post you commented on was from last year, but I put a new one up today. Hope you're doing well!


Fifi Flowers said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Sarah said...

Hey!!! Where are yooooou!?!? Come out come out wherever you are!!

Mrs. G. said...

I'm not sure there is a more impressive award than the Big Mouth award-I smell future success.