Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When "someone" (bobvilla) decides its time for a new RIDE

So "The Family" is going on a little road trip tomorrow- to a wedding, uh- IN IDAHO.
Bob insists on "lookin around, you know-rubberneck"
Lisa, its really time we look for a new rig. This means
Mommy is getting rid of her van. Mommy has it in her craw she wants a pimped out tricked up
Escalade, or a Navagator, or maybe a know, mamma needs to roll..
"Uhh, hon, did you forget about all those small people that live with us?"
replies the ever present and always handy mailman/husband. "and what about gasssss?"
grrrrr. "look at this BRANDNEW honda van, HON"..grrrrr..This is no pimp ride.
But it definately is nice, and comfy, and has all the bells and whistles..okay, okay..lets check it out. Well, I guess Im really not a pimp, anyway..right?So, here we are at the Honda dealership in town - "rubbernecking"
This is when the overweight, out of breath car salesman comes running out..
huffing and puffing..

Although he is nice enough. The pressure ensues with, well, you owe so much on your van...this that the other..back know the drill. (see.the.sweat?)

This is also where the 3 year old secret weapon comes into play..She starts getting a little annoyed at being there "just rubbernecking, hon" then the 42 year old secret weapon starts to get a little irritated that its taking soooo long!!!

Not being able to reach a perfect payment that we want, Mr Villa-

Marine/Mailman/Daddy/Husband extraordinaire reaches deep into his bag of tricks, with the other 2 secret weapons already in place. Remember,(Bitchy wife, crying daughter) and pulls out the extreme move of all...

"Get your COATS"

-I guess we cannot come to a deal today-

all of a sudden, and before screaming crying daughter realized it...

sweaty and (money man in the booth) come runnin.

"keep buckling her in" villa insists, under his breath..

I see the gleam in those beautiful eyes I love so much.. and follow with..

"I dont want THAT BIG of a payment, lets go!!!"

..and satisfaction ooozes from his pores.

(look at that shit eatin grin)

The end..

whats your secret weapon for buying a new ride?


Cutzi said...

HA! This totally cracked me up. Way to go BV!!

Is he really a mail man? I have an affinity for mailmen. You know, blue uniform and all...

Bristol said...

Lisa- That was priceless. The picture of hubby is great. We always buy saturn vues, my husband loves them. Me I would like a land rover, yeah right. Anyhoo I bought our last. Just me and Griffin, I was so proud. My husband said that was hard, the last car was almost paid off and you had your bonus in your hand, ooh they shuttered when you walked on the lot. Okay can ya giv eme a little credit. At least this vue is a little more pimped out:)))

Susan said...

Men who can get a good deal are so cool.

Michelle said...

Nicely played, you two! I didn't know BV was a mailman, either.

I don't think I'd dare bring my husband to a car dealership. He'd probably try to tip 20-25% on top of sticker price, depending on service. He's just too nice. I, on the other hand, can be a conniving, scheming female when I need to be. Or at least I understand the power of doing your research and being willing to walk away.

Sarah said...

LOL I almost spit out my drink at the "Get your coats"
that'll make em sweat everytime... GOOOO BV! Way to work the deal! Love the grin at the end! Oh and you SO are a pimp.

Mrs. G. said...

Don't be messing with BV! I refuse to go with Mr. G. when we have to purchase a vehicle. It's like he turns into the Incredible Hulk.

Traceytreasure said...

Having SOLD cars in the 80's. I know ALL the tricks!!

So Lisa, is it fast? Watch out for those law men!!! LOL!!

Sa weet ride!! Hugs!!