Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Life, my loves and my world.......

This is what I live for..You are the most treasured thing in your Mothers life
You will never know how your Mother feels about you
You make your Mother so proud
Your Mother thinks
Mothers Day
is every day
I love you all up to the moon and the stars, and all twirly-whirly around up there,
then back down,
and straight into your little hearts.
Thank You, my loves..


Sarah said...

Look at those sweet lil things!!! Happy mothers day my friend!

Bristol said...

sweet stuff! Happy Mother's day

Mrs. G. said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lisa. I wish I could pinch some of those sweet cheeks.

Jan said...

AWWW.... Sweeeeettt..

Happy Moms Day..

Kathleen said...

Hi Lisa - its me Kathleen from I just wanted you to know that I love both of your houses, your kids and your business. Wow girl how do you do it all. I also wanted to say that I appreciate you visiting my site and giving me some advice. I haven't been blogging much lately due to allergies but I wanted you to know that I gave a little thank you to you on my site a while back for your help.