Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oh, for the love of Derfwad Manor....

This here is Mrs Gisnt she cute? I think so.
She runs Derfwad Manor, well kind of runs it. Shes a very poor house keeper. Mostly in the laundry dept-admittedly.
Shes a homeschooler and also teaches.
Shes got 2 great kiddies and a hub that looks kinda like a movie star.
she has great fantasies-
So many of them I want to be in.
Todays though, well it really would be fun..
Come on, go over to the manor and check her out.
Shes delicious, hysterical and a hellofa fantastic writer.
You will laugh your ass off -so I consider it "kind of" a work out when I visit.
Mrs G would you marry me?


Michelle said...

I read a few of Mrs. G's posts, and what a riot! Any woman who has fantasies that include Anthony Bourdain making pommes frites and chocolate-dipped strawberries for a women's colony is worth reading!

Lisa said...

I totally agree, Michelle.

Hows life in the big city? Mrs G lives up there somewhere. See what a small world it is? Look for her in that shiny new lil Subaru Mr G just got for her.

Have a great weekend.

Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

I discovered Mrs. G. through your link a while back. Oh my goodness, she has me laughing. I love her secret boyfriends, her laundry issues...well, just everything!!

Mrs. G. said...

YES! I have always fancied a little beach cottage with a cute blonde-the question how is your husband going to feel about my entourage of hawt men and my inability to keep up with laundry.

Lisa said...

Oh Mrs G, youve made me the happiest married, newly engaged woman on the beach. Get your coat. The mailtruck will be there in a few hours.(BVs pickin ya up)

Anonymous said...