Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Place

Here I am, dreaming this morning..

I really wish I could be here..There I am, you see me? Over on that chaise?

Theres plo next to me, across is Sarah (gosh..shes SOOO white, I knew she could use some sun, so I packed a little carry on for her and ordered Todd to take her to the airport- Immediately!!!

You see, its a girls weekend. Bristol is getting her suit on, and you cannot see Martha, Who knows where she went. Shes here somewhere-

There she is!!! Martha..watch out...(splash...) Thats what you get for trying to be "allthat" in those stilletos and bikini..

Sarah, will you get Martha a towel.

And a martini???



Jan said...

Oh your funny. With an imagination like that I think I smell trouble.

Sounds perfectly relaxing though. Am I there too?

Sarah said...

Sweeet! I am pasty white, and I am sooooooo thankful your had Todd get me to the airport ASAP. I would be happy to get Martha a martini and a towel. Then my A$$ is not moving from the chaise next you you :)

Ahhhhhh so relaxing!

Sabina said...

Cute post - count me in!!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

Oh, girl. I wish! Our spring break starts Friday and I'm dying to get outta dodge. Even if it's to visit family.

PLO said...

Ha ha. Before I read it through, I was going to comment that there I am on the other chaise sipping a rum drink, but you beat me to it. Lets go RIGHT NOW! And, the pool boy is mine beeeeeaaaach!

Bristol said...

Lisa- You crack me up!!!! I would scare y'all in a bathing suit. I would actually be bellied up to the bar! Thats right I would. My husband is in florida with my stepson for a baseball tourney and I am stuck here with the little boy, shh don't tell little grif I said that:)))

Lisa @ Take90West said...

So funny! Can I come too?

I wish that was my backyard...

Traceytreasure said...

I want to come too! I wish I had a backyard like that too!

My lovely cottage said...

Yes i can see you right there on that chair and enjoying life! Thanks for stopping by at my blog and writing these kind words. Have a great weekend and take care, don't get too much sun. yvonne

Martha said...


God, wouldn't that be FUN?? A blogger girl weekend at a SPA???

I'm soooo glad I'm there with y'all!



Anonymous said...